Description of Pushpaka Vimana

8th – Eighth Chapter

Description of Pushpaka Vimana

(This short chapter gives a vivid description of Pushpaka Vimana as seen and understood by Hanuman)

The redoubtable hero Hanuman who was the son of the wind God, saw the very great Plane which was standing in the middle of that building, which had windows made of gold and which was decorated by precious jewels.  1

That plane whose glitter could not be measured and which could not adequately be described by others was made by Viswakarma with an intention that it should be the greatest plane which could move anywhere in the sky and was parked in the route of wind and was like a sign post of the path of the Sun. 2

In that there was nothing which was made without very hard work. There was no part of it which was not made by very costly gems. The assets of that were not even within the ambit of Devas. There was nothing in it, which was not very wonderful.. 3

He saw the great Pushpaka Vimana which was won by the valor gained by full meditation and prayer, which can go in different styles just by mental wish, which was constructed with several types of dwellings, which had equal but differing sights in all its places, which can go at any speed by knowing the wish of its master, which cannot be stopped by anybody, which can go in the speed of wind, which had all possible riches of great and holy people, which looked like the dwelling place of Devas and equally famous people, which has been made in much greater manner than each wish of its maker, which had peculiar pillars, which had spires and domes similar to the peaks of mountains, which was as clear as the autumn moon, which was as pretty as the crowd of flowers of the spring season, which was more pleasing to the eyes than the spring season, which had faces shining by the ear studs worn, which was protected by  gluttonous ,fat sky riding, rakshasas and which was also protected by thousands of swift Boothas (devils) who had round sunken 4-8

Thus ends the eighth chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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