dev dham jodhpur
dev dham jodhpur

Dev Dham Jodhpuriya is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and called as Dev Narayan. The temple is located in the Tonk district of Rajasthan and the idol of Devnarayan is worshiped as an avatar of Lord Vishnu.  It is believed that the Lord was born to a Gurjar couples who were warriors and named as Sawai Bhoj Bagaravat, and Sadhu Mata Gurjari as their son Devnarayan and he was born in the year 968 of Vikram Samvat calendar.The temple is also having the idols and memorials of Sri Sawai Bhoj Gurjar, Taradey Panwar, Bhuna Ji and Mehandu Ji. The temple gets more visits of devotees especially on Fridays as the devotees organize whole night jagran during this night.


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Vanshthali, Road, Niwai, Rajasthan 304022

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098296 82323

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