Devi Karumariamman sthothram

(Prayer to the mother who is the black rain)

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

(Mari which means rain is a very popular Goddess of Tamil Nadu. While scholars believe that she is a goddess of the pre Aryan days, most of the common people believe her as Parvathi, the consort of lord Shiva or Durga who arose from her to kill the asuras. Some people believe her to be Renuka, the mother of Lord Parasurama. Normally the priests in her temples do not belong to the Brahmin Community. In many cases offering of meat and toddy is made to her. The common people pray to her for bringing rain and avoiding epidemics. In her temple festivals it is common to see people walk bare footed on glowing embers.

This prayer is an extremely popular prayer sung in her temples.)

Karpoora Nayagiye, kanaka valli,

Kali makamayi karumari amma,

Porkovil konda Shivakami Amma,

Poovirundavalli deivayanai amma,

Virkola veda valli vishalakshi,

Vizhikkola mamadurai meenakshi,

Chor kovil naan amaithen Ingu Thaye,

Sudaraga Vazhvippai ennai neeye.

Hey Lady of camphor, Hey golden tendril,

Hey Kali, Hey great enchantress, Hey goddess of black rain,

Hey darling of Shiva with a golden temple,

Hey climber with flowers, Hey holy goddess,

Hey damsel of Vedas with a bow, Hey broad eyed one,

And hey Meenakshi of Madhurai with enchanting eyes,

I have made here a temple of words for you,

And so make me live like a flame.

Bhuvanam muzhuvadum aluginra bhuvaneswari,

Puram erithon puram irukkum parameshwari,

Nava navamai vadivakkum maheswari,

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Nambinavar Kai Vilakke Sarveswari,

Kavalaigal theerthu vidum Kaleswari,

Kar irulin thee chudare jyotheeswari,

Uvamana param porule jagadeeswari,

Unnadimai chiriyenai Aadhari.

Hey Bhuvaneswari , who rules the entire universe,

Hey Parameshwari, who is a part of Him who burnt the cities,

Hey Maheswari, who assumes newer and newer forms,

Hey Sarveshwari, who is the lamp in the hand of them who trust you,

Hey Kaleeswari, who removes all worries,

Hey Jyotheeswari, who is the flame in darkness,

And hey Jagadeeswari, who is the incomparable eternal thing,

Please encourage this base man who is your slave.

Unnidathil chollamal veru enda,

Uravidathil murai iduven thaye , endan,

Annaiaval nee irukka , ulagil matta,

Anniyarai kenchiduthal murayo amma,

Kanneerai thudaithu vida odi vaa amma,

Kathirukka vaithiduthal sario amma,

Chinnavalin kural kettu un mugam thiruppu,

Chirithapadi ennai dinam vazhi anuppu.

Without telling you my mother,

To which relative shall I complain?

When you as my mother is there,

Is it proper to entreat somebody else?

Please come running to wipe my tears, mother,

Is it proper to make me wait? mother,

Hearing the voice of this inferior one, turn your face to me ,oh, mother,

And with happy smile, bid me fare well daily, mother.

Kan irandum un uruve kana vendum,

Kaal irandum uun adiye nada vendum,

Pan amaikkum naa unnai pada vendum,

Bhakthiyodu kai unnaye kooda vendum,

Ennam ellam uun ninaive aaga vendum,

Iruppathellam unnudaiyathu aaga vendum,

Man alakkum samaya pura mariyamma,

Maganudaya kuraigalyum theerum amma.

My two eyes should only see you,

My two legs should only come near you,

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My toungue which composes music , should only sing about you,

My two hands should with devotion close only towards you,

All my thought should be filled with your name,

All the things with me should only become yours,

Hey goddess of pestilence who measures countries,

Please also fulfill my wants.

Nettiyil uun kumkumame niraya vendum,

Nenjil uun thirunamam vazhiya vendum,

Kathathellam men melum peruga vendum,

Kavithayil uun namam vazha vendum,

Chutham ellam needuzhi vazha vendum,

Jothiyile nee irundu aala vendum,

Mathadellam naan unakku chollalama,

Madi meedhu pillai ennai thallalama.

Your saffron should fill my forehead,

In my heart your name should fill and drip,

Whatever I have learnt should further get improved for ever,

Your names should live in poems ,

My relations should all have a very long life,

You should rule by being in the flame,

Is there a need for me to tell others,

Should you push me away who am sitting on your lap.

Annaikku upakaram Cheivathundo?

Arul cheyya inneram avathundo?

Kannukku imayayanri kavalundo?

Kanrukku pasuvanri sondamundo?

Munnaikkum pinnaikkum parpathundo?

Muzhumaikkum nee endan annaiyandro?

Ennaikkum vilakkukkum bedamundo?

Enraikkum nann uun pillaiyandro?

Does one do help to one’s mother?

Does the eye have protection other than eyelids?

For the calf, is there a relation except the cow?

Should one see what is before and what is after?

Are you not to the fullest extent, my mother?

Is there any difference between oil and the lamp?

Am I not your son always and forever?

Anbukku naan adimai Aaka vendum,

Arivukke en kadu ketka vendum,

Vambukke pokamal irukka vendum,

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Vanchathai en nencham arukka vendum,

Panpukke uyir vazha aasai vendum,

Parivukke naan endrum paniya vendum,

En pakkam ivai ellam irukka vendum,

I should become a slave to affection,

My ears should open only for wisdom,

I should not interfere in unnecessary affairs,

My mind should cut off hatred,

I should like to live only for good things,

I should become always a slave for pity,

And all these should be on my side.

Kumbidavo kai irandum podavillai,

Koopidavo naa onral mudiyavillai,

Nambidavo meyyadanil shakthi illai,

Nadanthidavo kaal irandil aagavillai,

Sempavazha vaai azhagi uun ezhilo,

Chinna iru kankalukkul adangavillai,

Ambalavu vizhiyale, unnai endrum,

Adi paniyum aasaikor alavum illsi.

To salute you two hands do not suffice,

To call you one toungue does not suffice,

To believe in you, I do not have sufficient strength ,

For walking , I am not able to do with two feet,

Your prettiness , beauty with red coral mouth,

Does not limit itself within my two eyes,

Hey Lady who has eyes like a bow,

There is no limit in my desire to become your slave.

Kattagi, kanalagi, kadalaginai,

Karuvagi, uyiragi, udal aginai,

Nethagi, inragi naalaginai,

Nilamagi, payiragi, unavaginai,

Thothalum, jayithalum vaazhvaginai,

Thozhthalum azhuthalum vadivaginai,

Pothada naalillai thaye unnai,

Porulodu pugazhodu vaippi ennai.

You became wind then fire and then sea,

You became fetus, then soul and the body,

You were yesterday, you became today and would become tomorrow,

You became land, then crop and then food,

Whether one looses or wins, you became life,

There is no day when I do not praise you,

Please keep me with wealth and fame.

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