Draupad-Aditya-300x265, Draupad Aditya Temple, Varanasi
Draupad-Aditya-300x265, Draupad Aditya Temple, Varanasi

Draupad Aditya Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals

When Pandavas went in exile, Draupadi was extremely sad to look at the plight of her husbands. (It is well known that Draupadi was married to the five pandavas and she also accompanied them to the forests and other places in exile).

She came to Kashi and started intensely praying to Lord Surya. Lord Surya was deeply moved by her sincerity and appeared before her. He gave her one vessel and told her that the vessel would be a “never emptying vessel” inasmuch as she could go on feeding any number of guests and the vessel would never get empty. However, she should be the last one to eat. (Even now old timers say that Guests should be fed first and household ladies should be the last to eat).

Lord Surya also told Draupadi about a divine wish that Lord Shiva had given to him. According to it, if a devotee who comes to pray to Vishveshwar in Kashi, prays to Lord Surya first, Lord Surya will have the power to remove all the sorrows which are clinging to the devotee. Lord Surya also states here that a person who sincerely prays to him at this place will never remain hungry. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 49).



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Draupad Aditya is located at Ck. 35/21, Akshay Vat, near Vishweshar Temple.

There are three approach lanes one via Dashashwamedh Road, 2nd via Bansphatak and third via Gyanvapi.   It is difficult to prescribe the convenient entry point because due to heavy police patrolling, entry points keep changing. During peak rush days like Mondays and other important festivals, the police may regulate the pilgrims through Gyanvapi and the exit point may be through Bansphatak etc.  Since the temple is located in deep Gully, it is advisable to visit the temple alongwith  a local person or Guide.

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This place also houses Nakuleshwar, which finds mention in Kashi Khand.

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