Durga Devi temple, Ratnagiri
Durga Devi temple, Ratnagiri

Shri Durga Devi temple, Guhagar is an ancient templelocated at Guhagar, a taluka place in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state in India. It is considered to be the Kuladevata or clan goddess of many Chitpavan families from the Konkan region.

It is located in Warla Pat (Upper Side) of Guhagar Gaon. The Temple is old with full of greenery along with Bhakta Niwas in nearby location. It is considered to be oldest templeand has been renewed in the recent past During Navratri festival the temple is full of devotees who come to offer their offering to Shree Durga Devi from across India.

This is one of the pleasant sea-side temples, to visit during summer and winter season. One can find all required amenities in the nearby location. Puja’s can be performed on request.


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