Durmukh2-300x225, Durmukh Vinayak Temple, Varanasi
Durmukh2-300x225, Durmukh Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Durmukh Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Durmukh Vinayak
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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How to Reach:

Durmukh Vinayak is located at Ck.34/60, near Kashi Karvat Temlple. If a devotee proceeds from Kashi Karvat temple towards Saraswati Phatak, there is a shop on the left side called Maa Rama Silk Factory. Adjacent to this shop is a house where Durmukh Vinayak is located. Devotees can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and walk on foot to this place.

Types Of Pooja:

The place of worship is open practically throughout and devotees can perform pooja by themselves.

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