Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Abheepsithartha sidhyartham poojitho yassurair api,

Sarva vignaschidhe thasmai Ganathipadaya nama. 1

Salutations to Him, who is the chief of Ganas,

Who is being worshipped even by devas,

For fulfillment of their desires,

And who cuts off all obstacles.

Gananam adhipaschando gajavakthrasthrilochana,

Preetho bhavatu may nithyam varadatha vinayaka. 2

Be pleased with me daily,

Oh Vinayaka, who is the giver of boons,

Who is the chief of all ganas,

Who is ferocious,

Who has a face of an elephant,

And who has three eyes.

Gajananam ganapathim gunanamalayam param,

Thamdevam girijasoonum vandeham amararchidham. 3

I worship he who is worshipped by devas,

Who has an elephant face,

Who is the chief of ganas,

Who is the storehouse of all that is good,

Who is that which is beyond,

And who is the son of Goddess Parvathi.

1 From Sthothra rathnakaram published by Devi Book stall. Kodungallur, Kerala

2 The army of Lord Shiva
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