Gyaneshwar2-300x225, Gyaneshwar Temple, Varanasi
Gyaneshwar2-300x225, Gyaneshwar Temple, Varanasi

Gyaneshwar Temple, Varanasi

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Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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 According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 73, Lord Shiva told Goddess Parvaty that there are thousands of Shiv Lings in Kashi Kshetram. While some of them are Swayambhu (appeared by themselves), many others have been installed by Gods, deities and devotees and planets.In the process, Lord Shiva hinted to a group of fourteen Lings which are very powerful. Gayaneshwar Ling is one of them. The fourteen Shiv Lings are equivalent to invaluable treasure.
People who worship Lord Shiva in the form of Gyaneshwar will always be happy, acquire ultimate knowledge and will attain Moksha. Let alone worshipping these fourteen Lings, merely by reciting the names of these Lings, a devotee can free himself from all the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.


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Gyaneshwar Ling is located at No. D.10/32, Lahori Tola in the premises of Gyaneshwar Silk Factory. Devotees will have to descend the steps in the premises as the Ling is located under the ground level. The place of worship is well maintained. People can travel upto Dasaswamedh Vishwanath Gully by rickshaw and then on foot to this place. Lahouri Tola is an important landmark.

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