Hari Nama Keerthanam

Hari Nama Keerthanam

(Song of the name of Hari)

By Thunchathu Ezhuthachan

A Feeble attempt in translation By P.R.Ramachander

(Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was one of the greatest writers in Malayalam .His translation of Adhyathma Ramayanam Kili Pattu and Maha baratham are revered treasures in almost all houses in Kerala even today. He was supposed to have lived in the 14th century. His name, his caste and even the number of other books he wrote are subject of lot of controversy. But universally it is agreed upon that he wrote the book called “Hari Nama Keerthanam.”(Song of the name of Hari).Either Narayanaya Mama (salutations to Lord Narayana) or Hari Narayanaya Nama (Salutations to Narayana who is Hari) has been added to the 66 verses of this book. These are added to philosophical thoughts of Ezhuthachan. The stanzas of the book start with the alphabets in the great initial invocation “Hari Sri Ganapathaye Nama.” And then the 51 alphabets of the Malayalam of those days. It was a time when the alphabet reform was going on in Malayalam. Previous to this work, the common people used 30 alphabets of Vattezhthu, which was phonetically inadequate, and the people who wanted to write Sanskrit used Grandhaksharam which was a mixture of Tamil and Sanskrit alphabets. Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was possibly an active member of the alphabet reform process and this great book is his signal contribution to this movement.

From the book, it is clear that Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was a Vaishnavite who was fondly in love with the Advaitha philosophy. He mentions that his Guru was one Neelakanta Somayaji in one of the verses. Researchers think that he learned these aspects of religion from Tamil Nadu.

AS in my other translations, I have tried my best to reflect the meaning intended by Ezhuthachan. This was difficult because, in this case he was not addressing the common man but the student of philosophy and religion. I crave your pardon, if I have erred.)

Omkaramaya porul moonayi pirinju udane,

Angaramayathinnu thaan thane sakshiyithu,

Bodham varuthu vathinnu aalayi ninna,

Paramacharya roopa ,Hari Narayanaya Nama.

My salutations to that Narayana,

Who is also the lord Hari,

For being the great teacher,

Who stood as a person , to make me know,

That truth which is revealed by the sound of Om,

Though split in to three forms of trinity,

As soon as it was born,

Is only an illusion created by my ego. 1

(This verse is the invocation by the author not to any God figure but to the Paramathma, whose clear vision to us is prevented by the veil of “Maya”)

Onnayi ninneyiha randennu kandalavi,

Yunadyi orindal batha mindavathalla mama,

Pande kanakku varuvan nin krupa valikal,

Undakayengaliha narayanaya nama.

My salutations to that Narayana,

With a request from humble self,

To make me see him as one reality,

For I was made sad extreme,

To see that the indivisible one,

Has been split in to two. 2

( Ezhuthachan continues to tell us that though the god is one , we are made to believe that we as persons(antharatma) we are different from the all pervading reality(Paramathma))

Ananda chinmaya hare, Gopikaramana,

Jnan yenna bhavam athu thonnayga vena miha,

Thonunnanathgil akilam jnan ithenna vazhi,

Thonnename varada , narayanaya nama.

My salutations to you Narayana,

Hey giver of my boons,

Hey Hari who is personification of joy,

Hey God who is darling of Gopis,

Let not mind be caught by the ego,

And let my thought make me know,

That this entire universe is really me. 3

(Ezhuthachan warns us all that, we should not be caught in the web of ego and start thinking that we are something different from the ultimate truth)

Arkanaladhi velivokke grahikkumoru,

Kanninnu kannu manamagunna kannathinnu,

Kannayirunna porul , thaan ennu murakkum mala,

Vanandamenthu , hari narayanaya nama.

My salutations to that Narayana,

Who is also the Lord Hari,

Happiness of the soul can never be described,

When one knows that self is the truth,

And that there is an eye beyond the eye.

Which is the eye of the mind,

And which can only understand the truth,

Behind the sun and the fire. 4

(Ezhuthachan tells us that self realization not only makes all truths evident but also gives immense happiness)

Harinama keerthanam ithu ura cheivathinnu guru,

Varulale devakalumarul cheika bhoosurarum,

Naranayi janichu bhuvi maranam bhavippalavu.

Muracheivadinnarulga narayanaya nama.

My salutations to you Narayana,

Please bless me so that,

This writing of the song of Hari’s name,

Is with the blessings and grace of my teacher,

Also supported by Gods and the gods among men,

And let me be able to sing this,

Not only from birth to time of death,

But also while dying. 5

(Ezhuthachan prays for the grace of his teacher as well as the approval of god and the learned Brahmins for this great work. He requests God to make this work immortal)

Sree moolamaya prakrathhengal thudangi,

Naandyatholam para maha maya thande gathi,

Janmangalum pala kazhinjalum illa gathi,

Karmathinnum parama narayanaya nama.

My salutations to Narayana,

From the ultimate root of illusion,

Through several evolutions,

Stretches this vision called life.

Though several births are past,

There is no end to this ,

Attachment through several actions. 6

(This attachment to mortal life will go only with the realization of truth which can be achieved by unalloyed devotion)

Garbhasthanayi bhuvi janichum marichummuda,

Kappola pole jananandyena nithya gathi,

Thwad bakthi vardhana mudikkenam men manassi

Nithyam thozhayi variga, narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Like a bubble in water,

This being travels from ,

The life in the womb.

To death, again and again.

Only the end of births,

Is the ultimate end to this pain.

And only devotion to thee,

Leads to this end of births. 7

(Impermanence of life is highlighted and it is pointed out that our aim should be to get out of this cycle of births and deaths .The author feels that devotion to Him is the only way)

Naa tharil manini manalan purana puru,

Shan bhaktha vatsalan ananthan nandadhi heenanithi,

Chithathil achyutha Kali pandal ittu vila,

Yadeetuken manasi Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Who is the lord of the lady of lotus,

Who is the primeval man,

Who loves his devotees,

Who does not have either end or start,

.Be pleased Oh God,

Construct a play ground in my mind,

And play there. 8

(Ezhuthachan requests God to make the mind pray and think of only Him)

Pacha kili pavizha pal varna mothha nira,

Michipavarkku shadadaram kadannu pari,

Viswa sthithi pralaya srushtikku sathwa raja,

Sthamo bhedha , Nadha, Harinarayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Who is the lord Hari,

Who is of the colour of green, coral and whitish milk,

Who lives in the lotus with thousand petals,

Which is above the six different states,

Who is above the deluge of this universe.

And who is above the good, royal and base characters. 9

(The yogi tries to raise the Sushmna nadi from the base of Mooladhara, through Swadishatana, Manipooraka, Anahatha , Vishudhi chakra And Agna chakra and reaches out to The sahasrara (thousand petal lotus) which is in the base of the brain. Once the sahsrara opens, it is believed all knowledge would be self evident. The realization of God then comes automatically)

Thatwathinullil udayam cheythidunna poru,

Ledutheedivaan Guru padanthe bajippavannu,

Mukthikku thakkoru upadesam tharum, janana,

Matheedum mannavanu , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Realisation of the truth,

That is ingrained in the philosophy,

Is possible only to him,

Who devotes himself to the worship,

Of the feet of his teacher,

Who will give him,

Suitable advice leading to salvation,

Which would lead to the end of births. 10

(The need to get guidance from a teacher for attaining salvation is emphasized here.)

En papam okke arivaan Chithra gupthanude,

Sampoorna lekhana giram kettu Dharmapathi,

En pakkaliluula duritham parthu kanumala,

Vambhoruhaksha,Hari Narayanayaama.

Salutations to that Narayana,

Who is the Lord Hari,

Oh Lord with lotus eyes,

Please be kind enough to save me,

When the Lord of death judges me,

Based on the list of my sins,

Prepared by Lord Chithra Guptha,

And punishes me with suitable pains. 11

(The list of sins and good deeds committed by an individual is supposed to be maintained by ChitraGupta, the accountant of Lord Yama. This list is supposed to help him to determine the quantum of punishment to be given.)

Nakshatra pankthikalmindu prakasavumo,

Likkum , divakaranudhichu uyarneedava,

Pakshee ganam garudane kandu kai thozhuthu,

Rakshikka, ninnadima narayanaya nama.

Salutations to that Narayana,

Please save me , your slave,

Who elects to worship thee in your formless form,

(as against worshipping you as an idol)

For with the rise of Sun,

The glitter of stars and moon fade,

And with the coming of eagle,

Other birds fly low in salutation. 12

(Here Ezhuthachan brings out the need to worship and realize the formless god. Though other forms of worship of Gods like Vishnu, Shiva etc are practiced, they according to him are an inferior mode.)

Math prananum paranum onnennu urappavannu,

Thath prana dehavum anithyam kalathra danam,

Swapnaadhiyil, chilathu kanadangu unarnaavanno,

Doppam grahikka , Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to that Narayana,

Who is the Lord Hari,

To the one who decides,

That his soul and the God are one,

His body that houses the soul,

See also  Narration of the story of Rama (Chapter 31)

Becomes impermanent,

And the wife and wealth,

Are like things that he sees,

In his dreams and he knows,

That all these earth is but an illusion. 13

(Ezhuthachan emphasizes the fact that a realized soul would not take interest in the worldly wealth. To him they are like things he sees in his dreams. Up to the last stanza the first letters were those of the invocation, “Hari sree Narayanaya nama.”)

Anbenamen manasi Sree neelakanda guru-

Vamboruhakshamithi vazhathunnu gnanum eha,

Anbathoraksharavum moronnuthen mozhiyi,

Lanpote cherka, Hari Narayano nama.

Salutations to that Narayana,

Who is that Lord Hari,

I praise with all my mind,

My spiritual teacher Neelakanda,

Like the Lord with lotus eyes,

And let his memory,

Be always in my mind,

And let each of the fifty one letters,

Of my language,

Be used properly in this work. 14

(Here he remembers about his teacher Sri.Neelakanda Somayaji. He also mentions that he is using the 51 reformed Malayalam alphabets instead of the 30 alphabets of Kolezhuthu or the Grandaksharam. From this stanza he starts using as first letter the vowels and consonants of the new alphabet system)


Thadyakaralithadangunnathum karuthi,

Adyaksharalivayiloronnu eduthu pari,

Keerthippathinnarulga,Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana,

Since the Ultimate truth “Aum” started with,

The first letter of the alphabet,

And all the world started from this truth,

Please grant me a boon,

Capacity to write this work,

To start successively from this first letter. 15

(He realizes how difficult this job of making the new alphabets as first letters is going to be and prays God to help him. Hindus believe that the world was created by the sound “AUM” which echoed and reechoed in the entire universe. This holy sound also starts with the first alphabet Aa.)

Ikkanda viswamathu mindradhi devakalu,

Markenduvahnikolodoppam trimoorthikalum,

Agre virat purusha, ninmoolam akashravum,

Morkayi varenamiha narayanaya nama.

Salutations to that Narayana,

Hey God who is the eternal truth,

This universe with the Indra and devas,

Sun, moon and fire and the holy trinity,

Is due to you, who is the all pervasive one,

And so please give me the capacity,

To meditate upon thee always. 16

(Ezhuthachan here emphasizes the unity in diversity in the concept of God as propounded by Hindus)

Eevanna moham agale povathinnu puna,

Reevannamullorupadesangal ulakil,

Jeevannu, Krisha, Hari, Govinda, Rama thiru,

Namangal onnozhige, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to the Lord Narayana,

To get devoid of this illusion great,

There is no better way shown to me,

In the teachings of the world,

Except chanting your holy names,

Like Krishna, Govinda, Hari and Rama. 17

(Though the search for method of salvation is through the belief in the formless God, Ezhuthachan advocates meditation on the holy names as a method to get this belief.)

Ullil kanatha madha mathsaryamennithuka,

Lulloru kalamude nennagilum manasi

Chollithoru thirunamangal annavannu.

Nalla gathikku vazhi narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana,

Even in the period when mind is full of heavy

Feelings of ego and competition,

Chanting of holy names in the mind ,

Is the only way for salvation. 18

(Chanting of holy names keeps the mind away from bad qualities like anger, jealosy,etc.)

Oorinnu venda chila bharangal vendathinnu,

Neerinnu venda nija dharangal vendathinnu,

Narayana Achyutha , Hare yennathinnoruvar,

Navonni vendu, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

There is no need of pilgrimage to holy places,

There is no need of lot many things to buy,

There is no need to bathe in holy waters,

And there is no need of a virtuous wife for that,

But there is only the need of tongue,

To chant Narayana, Hari and Achyutha. 19

(Ezhuthachan here advocates pure Bhakthi and chanting of holy names, He says that there is no need for any other thing to be done.)

Rithuvaya penninnu mirappavannum dahakannum,

Pathithannum Agni yagnam cheyda bhoo surannum,

Har nama keerthanam ithoru nalu markku muda,

Naruthathalla, hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

The singing of the names of Hari,

Is never banned any time ,

For the lady who is in her periods,

For the one who begs,

For the one who observes an unclean time,

For the debased human being,

And for the Brahmin doing fire sacrifice. 20

(Here is Ezhuthachan talking like a modern day revolutionary against orthodox beliefs.. Some researchers feel that he was not allowed to read the holy books in Kerala and had to go to other states to learn religious books.)

Rhoubhoshanennu chilar bashikkalum chilaru,

Mapapiiyennu paryunnakilum manasi,

Aavo namukku thiriyayennu vachu thiru

Namangal cholka Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,

Chant the holy names of Hari,

Acting as if we are ignorant of what they say,

When some one tells that we are pure idiots

And when some one calls us a great sinner. 21

(Ezhuthachan wants every one not to bother about the orthodox opinion and pray god as one wishes.)

Lruthadmadhi yothoru poruham ninakkilumi,

Thajithande nama gunamathiningu venda drudam,

Oru kodi kodi thava thirunamamullavayi,

Larauthathilla Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,

There is no need to see which name matches,

For there is no name which is not suitable,

In the crores of crores of holy names of the god,

And certainly all the names are very good. 22

( He dispels another popular belief that chanting certain names of god are superior than others.)

Lrukaradhi mudalayittu jnanumiha,

Kai koopi veenudan irakkunnu Nadaonudu,

Ekantha bakthi akame vannu udippathinnu,

Vaikunnathendu, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,

Why this delay in the attainment of pure unalloyed devotion,

To the formless lord,

I am asking you with folded hands,

Oh God, whom I imagine as Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. 23

(Though he has been saying about chanting of holy names as a method to approach to salvation,(stanzas 17-22) here he feels that it is not adequate and he needs to know the truth about the formless God.)

Ekanda yogikalil aakamksha kondu para,

Mekanda vazhi pokuuni then manavum,

Kakan parannu punar annangal poya vazhi,

Pokunna pole hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari,

My mind is traveling in this path of solitude,

Aimed at getting the devotion of unalloyed saints.

Like the flock of crow following the path of swans. 24

(Ezhuthachan tells that his being a devotee and his desire to the path of the formless God is like a crow traveling in the path of swans.)

Ayyanjum anjum mdan ayyarum mettum muda

Navvannamettum mudanen moonum mezhum madha,

Chaovvodoranjumapirandonnu thatwamathil,

Mevunna nadha hari Naryanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

Oh Lord who you are all pervasive in,

Five into five plus five, five into six,

Eight plus eight , eight into three, seven

And five and two plus one principles. 25

(Five Bhoothas, Five sense organs, Five aspects, Five action organs, Five airs, Five subsidiary souls, Five actions, Six bases, Eight egoistic aspects, Eight actions inside the body and mind, Three nadis, Three mandals, Three doshas, three bad characers, three good characters, Three aspects of life, Seven minerals, Five interior organs, and the three holy gods are the 96 aspects referred in the above stanza.)

Othunna geethangalorovannamula poru,

Lethennu kanmathinu pora mano balavum ,

Ethengilum kimapi karunyaminnu thava,

Sadikka vendu hari narayanaya nama,

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

I do not have the mental capability,

Of understanding the several Gitas that I read,

And so what I need is your grace,

And to get that grace,

The only way I know is devotion to you. 26

(Ezhuthachan rues over the several philosophical works whose meaning is not clear to the common man. He feels that the only option left to him is Bhakthi or devotion to him.)

Oudhubarathil masakathinnu thonnumithil,

Meethe kadhabhi sukham illennu thal parichu,

Chethovimohini mayakkayka maya thava,

Dehohaminnavayil Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana

Unlike the insect inside,

A sweet fig fruit,

Which feels that there is no pleasure,

Greater than that,

Make me not think due to illusion,

By hiding your form,

That there is no pleasure

Greater than this body in this world. 27

(Maya or illusion hides the fact that God is only one and makes us feel that this entire universe is real. Ezhuthachan wants help from the God to see the real truth.)

Ambhoja sambhavanum anbodu neendhi bhatha,

Vanmoha varidhiyilennedamorthu mama,

Vanpedi paramathu nammodadaayvathinnu,

Mumbe thozham adigal narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana

Thinking that even Lord Brahma,

Who originated from a lotus,

Was made to swim in the sea of illusion,

I am very much afraid,

That I wont able to reach you,

And so I salute your feet. 28

(Ezhuthachan prays God to keep him away from the hold of illusion.)

Appasvum vadiyumayi kondajamilane,

Mulpodu chennu kayareeoru kimkarare,

Pilpodu chennadha thaduthoru naalvareyu,

Mappole naumi , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

I would like to bow before thee,

Like Ajamila who bowed before those four messangers,

Of Lord Vishnu and who prevented,

The servants of Yama ,the Lord of death,

Who were trying to drag him with ropes and sticks. 29

(Ajamila who was a Brahmin lead a sinful life. In his death bed he called out the name of his lat son, “Narayana, Narayana,.”Then the assistants of lord Vishnu appeared before him and prevented the assistants of Lord Yama from taking him to hell.)

See also  Sritha Kamala stotram

Kashtam , Bavane yoru pandyan bajichalava,

Gasthyena nee batha , sapichedendinniha ,

Nakrena kaalkadsha kadipichathendinnithu,

Morkkavathalla Hari Naryanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari,

I am only able to remember,

That you made a crocodile bite the feet ,

Of the elephant who was a prince of Pandyas,

Cursed by sage Agasthya,

To give them both salvation. 30

(Indradhymna a Pandya prince was cursed by Sage Agasthya and became an elephant called Gajendra. Similarly a Gandharwa called Huhu was cursed by Devala to become a crocodile. You made the crocodile bite the elephant to give them both salvation Strange are your ways.)

Gadwangan enna dharaneesannu kaankoru mu

Hurthena nee gathi koduppanumendu vidhi,

Ottalla nin kali kali pole thangalil vi

Rudhangala aayathugal , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

There is no end to the variety

Of your judgment,

For to the prince Dileepa,

You gave salvation, within an hour ,

And your actions leads to lot of such contradictions. 31

(While to get salvation Gajendra the elephant had to do thapas for 1000 years, to Dileepa (who was known as Gadwanga)the king within an hour.Why this contradiction in your actions)

Garvichu vannoru jarasandhanodu yudhi,

Chovvode , nilpathinnu pora ninakku balam,

Avvaridhou dahana banam thoduthathu thi,

Lapippathinnumathi, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Though you had the strength to make,

The ocean of water boil,

Using the fire arrow,

You did not have the strength,

To stand and fight,

The proud Jarasandha. 32

(When the god of Ocean did not come before Lord Rama, he sent an arrow and made the entire ocean boil. But in case of Jarasandha, Lord Krishna was defeated and had to take the help of Bhima to kill him.)

Garmma thapam kulir nilavennu thambiyodu,

Chemme paranju nija pathnim piranjalavu,

Thanne thiranju marukicha mrugakshikale,

Vrundavanathil adha , Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana,

Though you told your brother,

That the moon light divine,

Was as hot as the summer sun,

When you were away from Sita,

You made those deer eyed maidens,

Feel sorrow by going away,

And leaving their company in Brindavan. 33

(When Sita was abducted by ravana, once Lord Rama told Lakshmana that because Sita was not there, he even felt the full moon as hot as the sun. In Vrindavan he left thousands of Gopis who were lovelorn and vanished.)

Ngaanam thudangi yudan anjaksharangulude,

Yoonam varuthiyoru naktham charikku batha,

Koonoru dasiye manognagiyakkiyathu,

Monnalliyalu , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,

You were the one who cut of ,

The organ meant to read,

The five nasal sounding alphabets,

And you were the one who made,

A hunch backed servant maid,

In to an attractive lady. 34

(He cut off the nose of Surpanaka as Rama and made a Hunch backed lady in to a pretty one as Krishna.Here he refers to the nasal sounding alphabets of Malayalam )

Chammati poondu kadingaanum murukkiyuda,

Ni indrathmajannu ther pooti ninnu batha,

Chemme maranjoru saram kondu konnathumo,

Rindrathmajanne , hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,

You were the one who wore ,

The dress of a charioteer and held a whip,

And drove a chariot for Indra’s son,

And you were also the one.

Who hid himself and killed by an arrow,

Another son of Indra. 35

(He as Lord Rama killed Bali (son of Indra) hiding behind a bush andas Lord Krishna drove chariot for Arjuna (another son of Indra.))

Channathwamarnnu kanal pole niranjulagil,

Minnunna nin mahimayarkkum thirikkaruthu,

Annannu kandathine vazhthunna Mamuniga

Lennathra thonni, Hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Narayana who is Haari,

Though your power shines like a fireball,

And fills the world like lightning,,

The veil of illusion hides you from us,

And I feel that even the sages great,

Only praise you on whatever they see day to day. 36

(Maya , the illusion hides your shining resplendent forms even from sages)

Janthukkalullil vilassedunna ninnudaya,

Bandham vidathe pari poornaathmana sathatham,

Thanthum mani prakara bedhangal pole para,

Menthenthu jathamiha , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to Lord Narayana,

Your relationship exists,

Fully , permanently and forever,

In all the beings of earth,

In the form of their complete soul,

And the difference between them,

Appears to me similar to the different colured beads,

Of a necklace of gems. 37

(The difference in appearance in different beings is only an illusion and they are like beads of a necklace.)

Jjangara nada miva yogeendrarullilumo,

Rothunna geethagalilum paal payodhiyulum,

Aakasaveedhiyilum onnayi niranjarulu,

Mananda roopa , Harinarayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

You are spread fully,

Like the royal splendour of music,

In the minds of great sages,

In the great works of Geetha,

In the ocean of milk,

And in the avenues of the sky,

As the soul of happiness. 38

(Here Ezhuthachan imagines God as the all pervading sound.)

Gnan ennum easwaran ithennum valarnnalavu,

Jnana dwayangal palathumundavathinnu batha,

Moham nimithamathu pogum prakaram iha,

Chethassilaaga , Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Let my mind get devoid of the illusions,

Due to attachment to self,

Of the two types of knowledge,

Which makes me think,

That I and the God are separate. 39

(Ezhuthachan states the premise of the philosophy of advaitha in very simple words.)

Tangum kurangavum eduthittu pathiyudal,

Sangum radhangavum eduthittu pathiyudal,

Ekaksharam thava hi roopam ninappavannu,

Pokunnu moha vazhi , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

The path way of illusion,

Makes your form which is one,

And which is forever,

Appear as if half of your form holds,

A deer and axe in the hand,

And the other half holds the conch,

And the holy wheel in your hand. 40

(Ezhuthachan states here that saivism and Vaishnavism is caused by illusion. Lord Vishnu is supposed to hold the conch and Wheel and Lord Shiva, the deer and an axe.)

Taayangal geetham iva naada prayogamuda,

Negasroothingaloruminnal kanakke yumi,

Thekaksharathilorumikunna poleyumi

Thakasa sookshma thanu , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

Like the several notes and beats,

And like the several lovely words,

Join together as a part,

Of a single lovely song,,

Your lightning power,

Forms a part of your universal self,

Because you are as formless as the sky. 41

(More emphasis is given in the formless aspect of the Hindu notion of God.)

Damba thi doshamudan ettum kalanju hrudhi,

Mumbe nijasanamurachu eka nadiyoode,

Kambam kalanju nilayaarum kadapathinnu,

Thumbangal theerkka, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

You Helped me to get rid of those ,

Eight bad qualities including ego,

And made me sit in the lotus position,

And helped me to reach that ,

Lotus with thousand petals,

After crossing the six stages of yoga,

And made reach a stage, where there is no pain. 42

(After emphasizing a lot on the paths of Bhakthi and Gnana, in this verse, emphasis is given on the yogic approach to salvation.)

Dakka mrudanga thuti thalangal pole yuda,

Norkkamathi innilayilennedamorthu mama,

Nilkunnathalla mana malana badhakari,

Thhen kandapole, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

When I think of that ecstatic pleasure,

Of the beats of drum, Mrudanga, tin drum and metal clasps,

That I heard when my mind crossed the six stages ,

My mind is not keeping calm and at peace,

Like the Elephant which is tied and starving sees the tasty feed. 43

(It is believed that when one reaches the Lotus with thousand petals, one hears a remarkable musical sound which is a heavenly experience.)

Nathwaparam parichu karmavyapayamiha,

Madhye bavikkilum mathillengilum kimapi,

Thathwadhiyil paramudhichoru bodhamanu,

Chithe varenda thiha , narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,

Even if my meditation on you,

Is disturbed and stopped in the middle,

By the various duties in life,

Let those sentences born out ,

Of the great knowledge of Vedas,

Come to my mind and lead me to you. 44

(Ezhuthachan prays to God and asks him to bless him with the all pervasive knowledge of God, even if he is not able to complete his yogic search.)

Thatwarthamitham akhilathinnumundu batha,

Sabdathinnulil vilasidunnathiinidayil,

Mukthikku karanam ithe sabdamennu thava,

Vakyangal thane , Hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Though you shine in the middle,

Of the meaning of the words that abound in this world,

The path for salvation is in those words,

And the sentences which you have given us. 46

(He is in the middle of words as per stanza 38 but here it is emphasized that the search for him should be through the Vedic sayings.)

Thallinnu meethe paramillennu morthumuda,

Nellarodum kuthari vaapesiyum sapadhi,

Thalli purapedum aham buddhi kondu batha,

Kollunnu nee chilare, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

To those who think that,

There is nothing beyond the world that they see,

And argue and shout about this,

Which is their faith,

And also have faith in their own self only,

And try to suppress the opinion of all others,

You give them pangs of death. 46

(Ezhuthachan berates those ignorant people who are materialistic.)

Dhambhaya van marama athinnullil ninnu chila,

Kombum thalirthavadhiyillatha kay kanigal,

Anberiya tharuvil vazhayivathinnu gathi,

Nin pada bakthi , Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Some branches of the big tree of egotism,

Bears raw and ripe fruits of bad acts and sad effects,

And a great devotion to your holy feet,

Is the only one that avoids attachment to this tree. 47

(To those with ego, the only result will be sorrow and pain.The only solution is devotion to God.)

Dhanyohamennu mathi manyohammennu mathi,

Punyangal cheytha purushan gnanithennu mathi,

See also  Dakshinamurthy Navarathna malika stotram

Onnalla kaankoru kodungadu dandhi maya,

Monnichu koodiyathu, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

The thought that you are rich,

The thought that you are respected,

And the thought that you have done blessed deeds,

Are like the crowd of dark elephants,

In the dangerous forest of life.. 48

(Egoism is as dangerous as wild elephants in a dark forest.)

Nannayi gathikkoru sahasrara dharayila,

Thann eethil nin karuna van mari cheythu puna,

Munnam mula bhakthikku vazhthuvathu,

Minne krupanilaya, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

The rain of your grace gives rise,

To the germination and growth,

Of divine blessings great,

That the lotus with thousand petals in me ,

Which becomes the source of my devotion to you,

Oh great store house of mercy. 49

(It is the grace of God that leads to the success of Yoga in realizing Him.)

Palathum paranju pakal kalayunna navu thava,

Thiru nama keerthanamithathinayi varenam iha,

Kaliyaya kalamithilathu kondu moksha gathi,

Yeluthennu kelpu, Hari Naryanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

I wish my tongue engages in singing your names,

Instead of wasting the day by telling this and that,

For I hear that that is the only way to salvation,

In this age of Kali. 50

(Again emphasis shifts to devotion to realize him. )

Phalamillayathe mama vasamakkolla jagathi,

Malapathramayathati pala naloruthiyude,

Alavillayathe velivakameyudippathinnu,

Kalayathe kaalamiha Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

Without any reason and results,

Do not make mine in this world,

Her body which is a vessel of stool,

For several days of my life,

And do not waste this time of my life,

Without the sun rise of heavenly knowledge,

Which would be of immeasurable benefit. 51

(Ezhuthachan believes that the worldly family life is a waste of time and should better be devoted in search of God.)

Bandhukkalartha gruha puthradhi janamathil ,

Varthichu ninnu bhuvi nin thathwamorkukilum,

Andhannu kattiyoru kanadi pole puna,

Rennakkidolla Hari narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Do not make me like ,

A blind man seeing a mirror,

By not showing the principle of yours,

And drowning me in this world,

Of relations, wealth, house and sons. 52

(Here Ezhuthachan expresses his opinion that family life is not conducive to spiritual life.)

Bakshippathinnu guha pole pilarnnu mukha,

Mayyo, kruthanthan iha pimbe nadappu mama,

Othunna dardhuramurathode pimbe yoru,

Sarpam kanakke , Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Alas, the god of death walks behind me ,

With a fully opened mouth,

Which is similar to a cave,

To swallow me,

Like the serpent with an opened mouth behind a frog. 53

(The impermanence of life and the need to get salvation urgently is highlighted.)

Manningal annu pirannu annu thottu puna,

Renthonnu vang manassu dehangal cheytha athu,

Endinnu melil athu mellam enikku hrudhi.

Santhoshamayi variga, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

Let all those actions I did,

From the time I was born,

And also that I am likely to do,

With my words , mind and body,

Result in happiness to my mind,

For always and always. 54

(Happy and contended frame of mind is necessary for a clear mind, which would lead to salvation.)

Yathonnu kandathathu Narayana prathima,

Yathonnu ketthathathu Narayana sruthigal,

Yathonnu cheythathu Narayanarchanagal,

Yathonnathokke Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana Who is Hari,

Let all those I see be idols of Narayana,

Let all that I hear be news of Lord Narayana,

Let all that I do be worship to Narayana,

And let it always be like that for my mind. 55

(The need to do every action dedicated to God without any ego is emphasized.)

Ravi kodi thulayamoru chakram karathiliha,

Phani rajanum eppozhum irippan , Kidappathinnum,

Aniyunnathu okke vana malathi kousthubhavu,

Makame bhavippathinu, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

If you are going to take a shape in my mind,

Please hold the holy wheel with a luster of billions of Suns,

Please sit always on the king of serpents,

Please wear always the forest garland,

And the chain with the famous Kousthubha gem. 56

(Ezhuthachan , if he decides to worship a God with the form, makes it clear that he would like to worship Vishnu)

Laksha prakaramodu srushtippathinnu mathu,

Rakshippathinnu mathu sikshippathinnum iha,

Vikshepam avarana mee raandu shakthikalum,

Ningennudichathugal, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

From you were born,

The two effects great,

One of which is an illusion which hides,

And the other is that aspect,

Which creates, looks after and punishes,

In millions of ways. 57

(Both illusion and the power to create, look after and punish is ascribed to Lord Vishnu. This possibly is a justification for preferring to worship Lord Vishnu.)

Vadanam namukku shiki vasanangal sandhyagalu,

Mudaram namukku dadhi ulakezhu randu miha,

Bhuvnam namakku shiva, Nayanagal rathri paka,

Lakame bhavippathinnu, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana,

Let my mind be filled with your form,

To whom the face is the fire,

To whom the dawn, noon and dusk are cloths,

To whom ocean is his abdomen,

To whom his house is the fourteen worlds,

And his eyes are the day and night. 58

(Further Ezhuthachan describes his Vision of Vishnu in His mega form, which is the universe itself.)

Shakthikku thakka vazhiyitham bajichu bhuvi,

Thyakthathma deha druda viswasamodu batha,

Bhakthya kadannu thava trukkal pidippathina,

Yaykkunnathennu, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Help me Decide on the path ,

Depending on my strength,

And leave out the strong faith,

That the body is the real soul,

Make me pray within my means,

And with devotion catch your holy feet.,

And thus attain salvation. 59

(Ezhuthachan clearly brings out the fact that the worship of the formless God is not for every one. For people who cannot understand this concept he advocates the path of Bhakthi.)

Shadvairigalkku vilayattathinn agaruthu,

Chittambujam thava hi sadhayana rangamathil,

Thathrapi nithyavum orikkal irunnarulga,

Sathya swaroopa, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Hey God who is the form of truth,

Please do not allow my lotus like mind,

As a stage for my six enemies to play,

And please make it a point,

To sit there once in a day. 60

(Passion, anger, miserliness, longing, exuberance and competitive spirit are the six enemies. He requests God to make him remember daily.)

Sathya vadami mama bruthyadhi vargamithu,

Martham kalathra gruha puthradhi jalamathum,

Okke thawdarpanama adhakkittu , gnanum iha,

Trikkalkal veenu, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

I am telling the truth,

I would give away my wife, son,

Home , riches , servants,

And everything I have to you,

And I would salute you ,

By falling at your feet. 61

(He says that he would give all his worldly possessions to Him, so that he can attain Him.)

Haranum virinjanum mitha amaradhi nayagannu,

Mariyunnathalla thava marimaya than mahima,

Arivayi mudhal karalil oru pole ninnarulum,

Para, Jeevanil theliga, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,

Even the Lord Brama and Lord Shiva,

As well, as Indra the king of devas,

Do not understand your greatness in full,

And so God please be kind enough,

To be in my mind always,

As the basic truth which shines,

In the minds of all beings. 62

(Ezhuthachan talks here about Lord Vishnu )

La*thwam kalarnnithu lakarathine parichu,

Tathwam ninakkiloru divyathvam undu thava,

Kathunna pon mani vilakkenna pole hrudi,

Nilkkunna nadha, Hari Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari,

Like the weak “la” is a part of the strong “la”,

Your form which I imagine in my mind,

Is a part of your philosophical formless form,

Oh God, who always lives in my mind,

Like the lit golden lamp. 63

(He tells us that the formless form, as far as he was concerned is only a concept which is the end result of his concept of Lord Vishnu)

Kshariyaya orakshara mathinngennu udhichathithu,

Lipi ezhum aksharam mithennangu urappu janam,

Ariyavathalla thava paramaksharasya porul,

Ariyayumay variga, Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,

Experts tell the first alphabet “Aa”,

Is the basis and given rise to,

All the vowels,

And the seven groups of conosonants,

And these too are ignorant of the meaning of “Om”,

But please make my mind understand its meaning. 64

(Ezhuthachan talks about the greateness of “Aum”, which he says is very difficult to understand even by great scholars.)

Karuna payodhi mama guru nadhan ee sthuthiye,

Viravodu parthu pizha vazhi pole theeratharulga,

Durithabdhi than naduvil mariyunnavarkku para,

Moru pothamayi variga,narayanaya Nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,

Let my teacher who is the ocean of mercy,

Edit this prayer and correct all errors,

And let this prayer become a boat,

To cross the sea of Sorrow,

For those who are struggling in this sea. 65

(Ezhuthachan shows his reverence to his teacher and also tells us that this great work, is going to help people cross the sea of births and deaths.)

Mada mathsaradhigal manassil thodathe matha,

Mithu kondu vazhthuga namukkum gathikku vazhi ,

Ithu kelkka thanithoru mozhi than padippavanum,

Pathiya bavambudhiyil , Narayanaya nama.

Salutations to lord Narayana ,

Those who read this,

Prayer which sings of the religion,

Without pride and jealousy,

Would surely attain salvation,

And also will lead the poet to salvation.

All those who hears this prayer being sung,

And even those who read one word of this poem,

Would not fall in the ocean of birth and deaths. 66

(The great work is concluded with a “Phala Sruthi” )

* This is a strong “La” which cannot be written with English alphabets

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