Jatmai Mata Temple, Gariaband
Jatmai Mata Temple, Gariaband

Located in Gariaband, 85 km from Raipur. “Jatmayi Temple” is dedicated to the “Mata Jatmayi” located between the beautiful sights of a small forest. Temple is beautifully carved out of granite with a huge tower and many small peak/ towers. On top of the main entrance, can see one murals depicting mythological characters.


The holy temple is located amidst a forest. The architecture of the temple is astounding with one massive tower and many smaller ones featuring as its Shikhara. The temple is carved in granite, giving it an elegant and impressive appearance. Many beautiful mythological murals can be spotted in the entrance of the temple. Led by a flight of stairs, the idol of Mata Jatmai is located in a sanctum within the temple premises.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Swami Vivekananda International Airport, Raipur (76.7km)

By Train

Raipur Junction Railway Station (85km)

By Road

Pandri Bus Stop, Raipur (85km)


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