Kadavallur Sreerama Temple
Kadavallur Sreerama Temple

Today I visited Kadavallur Sree Rama temple. This temple is known for the famous Vedic contest called Anyonyam that is held there every year. I have been planning to visit the place for quite some time, but it was only today that I got an opportunity.

I started from home at 9AM today. I went to Thrissur and from there took a bus to Kunnamkulam. I had to wait at Kunnamkulam bus stand for some fifteen minutes and then I got a bus going to Kuttippuram, via Kadavallur. It took fifteen minutes to reach Kadavallur. I got down and enquired at a shop there regarding the way to the temple. They pointed to a small road going towards the left and I took that path.

After five minutes of walk through the village road, there was a left turn and then suddenly the temple became visible. The place looked very deserted except for few children who were playing cricket on the road, using a big rock in place of stumps. I got inside the temple and realized that the sanctum sanctorum was already closed after the madhyahna puja. There were few villagers sitting inside. They told that the temple will open again at 5 and I could take rest under some peepal tree there until then, and take food from the hotel in the main road. I told them that it would be too late for me if I have to wait till evening, so I would just have a pradakshina around the outer temple and then go back.


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