Kankeshwari Temple, Kanker
Kankeshwari Temple, Kanker

The history of the historic Gadiya mountain associated with the city of Kanker is 700 years old. There are many religious places on the mountain.

Kankeshwari Temple: The Kankerwasis formed the Shree Yogmaya Kankeshwari Devi Trust to build the temple on the hill and on 2 July 2002 duly worshiped the idol of Maa Yogamaya Durga was consecrated in the presence of the dignitaries of the city.

Being the Aradhya Devi of the Kanker people, it was named Mother Yogamaya Kankeshwari Devi. Which means Yogmaya, the mother goddess of the Kankerites.

Sheetla Temple: On the banks of the pond, King Dharamdev built the temple of Sheetla Devi in ​​ancient times. The goddess in that temple was in the form of a body that is no longer visible. About 8-9 years ago, the priest of this temple placed the idol of Durga there.

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