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Karnaprayag is a city and municipal board in Chamoli District in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Karnaprayag is one of the Panch Prayag (five confluences) of Alaknanda River, situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda, and Pindar River.


According to Kibanditi, “Karnprayag” has been named as Karna. The Mahabharata was an important character. Karna was born in the womb of mother Kunti and “Karna” was Pandu’s elder brother. Karna is a place dedicated to Karna. This place was ever in the water, and only a stone called the Karnasila was outside the water. After the battle of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna did the cremation of Karna by keeping the balance of his palm on “Karnasila”.

According to legendary myth or legend, in the mythical time, Karna stayed in the shelter of Uma Devi and in this Sangam site, Lord performed austerity of the sun. By which Lord Shiva was pleased to see Karna’s penance and Lord Sun had imparted him the impregnable armor, coil and Akshaya bow.

Karna temple is situated at this place, donating it after bathing is considered very complete. It is also said that Lord Krishna had performed the funeral of Karna at this place. Therefore it is also important to give the floral to the place at this place. The other story of Karnapragh is that when Parvati had jumped into the fire after being insulted by Lord Shiva, she took her second birth as the daughter of the Himalayas in the form of Uma Devi and she got to get Shiva There was hard austerity and there is also an ancient temple of Mother Uma at this place. (History of Karan Pryang, mythology and beliefs and attractions)

Legend / Local stories

This temple was established by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century. While this place was already established the statue of Uma Devi. It is said that Uma was born in a farm of Samasera. And it is also said that Goddess had given a demy Brahmin to dream of establishing his statue at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Pindar rivers.

Karnamandir: – This temple is built on the edge of the Sangam site, which is in the name of Karna. The old temple has been rebuilt in the present time. And in this temple the temple of Karna and Lord Krishna is also bigger than the size of human beings. There is also a small temple inside the temple which is dedicated to Bhoomia Deity, Ram, Sita and Lakshman, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Karnprayag is one of the famous religious places of Uttarakhand. This is a city and municipal board in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Karnaprayag is located at the confluence of the five incarnations of the Alaknanda river (five confluence), the Alaknanda Sangam and the Pindar river. The city “Karnprayag” is a very beautiful city situated on the banks of the Alaknanda and Pindar river. From the confluence of the west towards the west there is the penitentiary and temple in the form of billet. While going to Badrinath Dham, devotees, sages, Munis and pilgrims have to go through the city of Karnprayag. Karnprayag was also an innovative market in mythical time, and people came from other parts of the country to live here because business opportunities were available here.

In 1803, due to the breakdown of the Birey dam, these activities were stopped. At that time the old “Uma Devi temple” was also damaged in this place. The culture of Karnprayag is associated with the most mythological and wonderful Nand Raj Jat Yatra in Uttarakhand. (History of Karan Pryang, mythology and beliefs and attractions)

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