Venugopalaswami Temple, Yadagiri

Venugopalaswami Temple Surapur: Venugopalaswami Temple constructed by Raja Pitambar bahari Pidda Nayaka (1693-1726) in 1705 nearby beautiful Devara bhavi,  is one of the Surapur Nayaks worthy structures. It has a beautiful and attractive stucco sculptures.The annual fair takes place on  Gokulastami. People flock here to witness the spilling of Niru-Okuli from the top of a … Read more Venugopalaswami Temple, Yadagiri

Siddalingeshwar Temple, Yadagiri

Siddalingeshwar Temple It is a panchakuta temple with four separate ”garbhagruha” An intricate architecture model which is arranged in four directions The ceiling of the navaranga are attractive and the pillars carry beautiful carvings. Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery How to Reach: By Road Journey towards Gurmitkal from Yadgir which is about 30km. … Read more Siddalingeshwar Temple, Yadagiri