Karvireshwar2-300x225, Karvireshwar Temple, Varanasi
Karvireshwar2-300x225, Karvireshwar Temple, Varanasi

Karvireshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals

Goddess Parvaty wanted to know about  various Shiv Lings and deities at several places in Kashi and Lord Shiva was pleased to narrate about such deities (Kashi Khand, Chapter 97).

In the process, the Lord mentions one Karvireshwar Ling in the vicinity of Mahalakshmeeshwar.  A devotee who worships Karvireshwar will be free from all ailments and diseases.

Kashi Khand states that the entire locality is a Shakti Peeth. There are many powerful Devis in the area and of all the Shakti Peeths in Kashi, Mahalakshmi Shakti Peeth is the most powerful.


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Karvireshwar is located at D-52/41, outside Mahalakshmi Temple in the premises of 1008 Shani Maharaj, Poorab Mukhi Shani. Mahalakshmi temple and the locality (Lakshmi Kund) are quite famous and people can approach this place through Luxa by rickshaw

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