Kiradu Temples
Kiradu Temples

Kiradu temples are one of the major temples in Rajasthan which is majorly known as a horror spot rather than being a tourist attraction in Rajasthan. The temples of Kiradu are a group of temples which is also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and they are famous for their ancient haunted stories. The temples are famous for being a favorable spot for the lovers and the temples is also has a haunted background and the stories are rally spine chilling. It is a faith that no people stay here after sunset nearby the temples because it is said that anyone who will stay here will turned into stones and this is the story which is also remembered as the history of the temples which are scary yet thrilling.


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How to Reach:

You need to take the Kiradu Temple road for some 1 hour 30 minutes towards east to reach here.


Sihani, Rajasthan 344502

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