Koodalmanikyam Temple, Thrissur, Kerala

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Locale: Irinjalakuda
District::  Thrissur
The Administrator, Koodalmanikyam Devasom, Trissur District, Irinjalakuda, Kerala 680121
Phone 04802826631

Koodalmanikyam Temple or Kudal Manikkam Temple / Koodalmanikkam Temple is a Hindu temple which is situated in Manavalassery village, Irinjalakuda, Trissur district, Kerala state, India. The temple comprises the main structure, walled compound with citadels, four ponds around the main structure where in one of the ponds is situated within the walled structure. Koodalmanikyam Temple is the only ancient temple in India dedicated to the worship of Bharata, the third brother of Rama, however the idol is that of Vishnu. “Sangameshwara”(Lord of the Confluence) is another name associated with the deity at Koodalmanikyam. The temple is one of four in Kerala state that form a set called “Nalambalam”,each temple dedicated to one of the four brothers in Ramayana: Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

The Thachudaya Kaimal as “Manikkam Keralar” is the spiritual chief and the temporal ruler of the Koodalmanikyam Temple and its Estates. The line goes back to antiquity and is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. The temporal rights over the ancient temple, that is the office of the Kaimal (as opposed to “Manikkam Keralar”) and the office of “Melkoyma”.



Legend / Local stories

The earliest historical reference to Koodalmanikyam Temple is found on a stone inscription attributed to the Chera king Stanu Ravi Varman dated 854 A.D, donating vast extents of land for the temple. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that the temple must have been in existence for quite some time before this date and that even then Koodalmanikyam occupied a place of importance among temples of Kerala.

Koodalmanikyam temple plays a key role in the history of Irinjalakuda as most land in and around the region belonged to the Koodalmanikyam Temple and the Thachudaya Kaimals of Travancore until 1971.The temple attracts devotees and tourists, a source of revenue for the Government.

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