Kooshmandeshwar2-300x225, Kooshmandeshwar Temple, Varanasi
Kooshmandeshwar2-300x225, Kooshmandeshwar Temple, Varanasi

Kooshmandeshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
 Goddess Parvaty requested Lord Shiva to describe the various Teerths (Sacred Ponds) and Shiv Lings in the Holy City of Kashi. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 97). Lord Shiva was very pleased to accede to the request of the Goddess.Kashi Khand mentions one Kooshmandeshwar Ling in reference to Manikarnika and Pita Maheshwar, among various other Shiv Lings.
A devotee who worships Kooshmandeshwar Ling, will always be blessed by Lord Shiva.


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Kooshmandeshwar is located at Ck.10/16, Brahmanal, near Swarg Dwareshwar. Just opposite Pulaheshwar towards the south side is a house with a flight of steps leading upwards. After climbing the steps there is a garden like open space and Swargdwareshwar Ling is located in a small temple thereat near which Kooshmandeshwar Ling is also located. Great importance has been attached to this place which is called as Swarg Dwari.

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