wpid-wp-1432843780353, Lake Kalibari, Kolkata, West Bengal
wpid-wp-1432843780353, Lake Kalibari, Kolkata, West Bengal

Lake Kalibari, Kolkata, West Bengal

Date built:
Deity: kali
Architectural style:
Major festivals
District:: Kolkata
Address:  Sree Sree 108 Karunamoyee Kalimata Mandir 107/1, Southern Avenue, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029
Phone 03324656658

Lake Kalibari  is a Kali temple located in Southern Avenue, Kolkata. The official name of the temple is Sree Sree 108 Karunamoyee Kalimata Mandir after the name presiding deity Karunamoyee. The temple is managed by the Sree Sri Karunamoyee Kalimata Trust. The temple is undergoing reconstruction since 2002 and is due to be completed by 2013 but due to financial issues it has still not completed


Legend / Local stories

Lake Kalibari” – One of the most famous religious seats of Bengal, where the remembrance of God was kindled by Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty, our revered Gurudev,was established more than 60 years ago. For his spiritual sadhana and ardent love for the almighty mother – ‘Maa Kali’, suddenly the divine mother became an effulgence and a Light of Divinity, luminous like a thousand suns, and appeared in his thatched hut where mother Sree Sree 108 Karunamoyee Kalimata has been consecrated. The mind of Gurudev blossomed and bathed in such hued light of Divinity and, at the directive of the divine mother, Gurudev constructed a seat of five skulls (Panchamundi’s Ashan) for the performance of ‘Tantra Kriya’ to ensure the proper solace of mankind and, thus, dedicated his life to a vast Karmayagya.

In 1987, out of his innumerable disciples, Gurudev ultimately picked Sri Nitai Chandra Basu as his competent torchbearer and trained him for the advancement of his Karmayagya. Thus yesterday’s Karmayagya has been transformed into a present day Dharmayagya: A vast project for the construction of a ‘Temple Complex’.

To prepare the infrastructure Sri Basu devoted his 15 years of service and source and now has been able to obtain a temple plan and model prepared by a renowned temple Architect of India Padmashree Achyut Kanvinde, in consonance with Kolkata Municipal Corporation rules. The temple will be constructed upon a land of 15 cottahs (10800 sq.ft.), at 107/1, Dr Meghnad Saha Sarani, Kolkata – 700 029, West Bengal, India. The temple will be erected in a number of steps from the road, the height of the temple will be 42.5 feet from the ground level and the view of the facade will be splendid. Apart from temples for worship there will be an auditorium for discussions on religious, social and educational matters, as also for seminars and conferences.

A community hall for social and religious purposes; conference rooms for exchange of views and ideas on educational, social cultural and religious matters, guest rooms for stay, free medical advise and treatment centers, ambulance services, free help-line services for common people in their need, have also been conceived. Soon it will be a place of harmony for performing various archanas. Lake Kalibari was established by Sree Sree Haripada Chakroborty on 13th April, 1949 and during his lifetime he maintained the same temple and performed the Tantra Kriya for the solace of hundreds of thousands of people who approached him during their hour of need. Prior to his demise he appointed and nominated Sri Netai Chandra Basu as Executor cum sole Sebait by his last Will dated 11/12/1985 read with Codicil dated 14/06/1987 and since he is devoting his life for the benevolence of mankind at large who are assembling before him with grace of Divine Mother Karunamoyee Kailmata, popularly known as Lake Kalibari.

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