200px-Mandodari_temple, Mandodari Temple, Betki
200px-Mandodari_temple, Mandodari Temple, Betki

Mandodari Temple, Betki

Date built:
Deity: Gramadevata
Architectural style:
Major festivals
District:: Betki
Address: Betki , Khandola , Goa, Goa 403401

The Shri Mandodari temple is in the village of Betaki, about 5 km from Marcel, Ponda, India. The temple is located at 15d 30’20, 82d N and 73d59’23d E at 81 ft elevation.Mandodari temple Betki is mainly defined as the gramdevta temple or village deity of Goddess Betki. Some confuse this temple as the one, noted for Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, but this point is not true. The term mandodari is mainly procured from two terms, and those are mand, which means water and udar, which is the major term for stomach. It means, people are worshipping The water goddess, someone, who is born in the water. Religious belief of this temple mainly lies with the children, who were sacrificed for the betterment of village and free flowing stream of water.This temple is mainly dedicated to the gramdevta, who is also defined as the village deity of Betki, where the temple is currently located. Moreover, this temple also marks tribute to Goddess of water, whose goodwill provides the people with continuous water flow, so that they never get out of it. If you want to pay some tribute, it is important to take a look at Mandodari temple Goa, and offer your devotional means to the clients.


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