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Rasmancha, Bishnupur Bankura

The Rasmancha  is a historical building located at Bishnupur, Bankura district, West Bengal, India. It was commissioned by Mallabhum king Hambir Malla Dev (Bir Hambir) in 1600 CE. Length and breadth of this temple is 24.5 meter and the height is 12.5 meter. The base or altar of the temple is made of laterite stone and upper part is made with bricks. […]

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Raghunath Singha Dev, Bankura

Raghunath Malla Dev also known as Raghunath Singha Dev, was the fifty-first king of the Mallabhum (now in the Indian state of West Bengal). He ruled from 1626 to 1656 CE.Because Kalaram, son of Dhari Hambir Malla Dev, was unfit to become a king due to his physical inability, his mother, who was Dhari Hambir’s wife, enthroned her husband’s young brother […]

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Jor-bangla, Bankura

Jor-bangla, also called Yorubangala, is a style of Hindu temple architecture that arose in Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent. The style involves two skeuomorphic structures that reflect the traditional thatched huts of the region, one that serves as a porch, in front of the other that serves as a shrine. Each structure has a roof of the ek-bangla (or do-chala) style, with two curved segments […]

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Durjan Singha Dev, Bankura

Durjan Singha Dev was the fifty-third king of the Mallabhum. He ruled from 1682 to 1702. Durjan Singha Dev (1682 – 1702), the son of Bir Singha Dev was opposite to his father. He was not at all cruel; on the contrary, he had a very gentle, polite character. He was logical, kind hearted and also pious. […]

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Bir Hambir, Bankura

Hambir Malla Dev, also known as Bir Hambir(Beera Hambeera) & Veer Hambir, was the forty-ninth king of the Mallabhum.He ruled from 1565 to 1620 CE. Bir Hambir was a pious man who started following Vaishnavism. A story in two Vaishnava works (Prem-vilasa of Nityananda Das (alias Balaram Das) and Bhakti Ratnakara of Narahari Chakrabarti) recounts the manner in which […]

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Gopinath Mandir, Ningthoukhong, Manipur

Gopinath Mandir, Ningthoukhong, Manipur Date built: – Deity: – Architectural style: – Major festivals – Locale: – District:: Ningthoukhong Address: – Phone – Ningthoukhong Gopinath Mandir is a Vaishnav Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu god Gopinath in Ningthoukhong town in the state of Manipur, India. It is the second largest temple in Manipur Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery How to Reach: Contact Details Official Address