mariammantemple-300x122, Mariamman Temple,Palani
mariammantemple-300x122, Mariamman Temple,Palani

Mariamman Temple,Palani

Date built:
Deity: Mariamman
Architectural style: Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale: palani
District:: dindigul

If we pass some houses we can come to the most powerful Mariamman. The prosperity of this Devi incrased with the prosperity of the Palauakars. Palayakars were lords of small tracts, and Mariamman was their goddess of boundary. Naturally they propitiated her to get her grace.

A big Balipeetah, a dais mandapam at the entrance with a Vinayaga at the centre. In a pillar is Dandayudapani. At the entrance site a cashire with tickets for those who want to go in. This Goddess does not cure anybody without requisite fees. There are hundies too.

In the south circuit, Idumban swamy, Mariamman re enjoying the breeze of a Neem tree with sky as canopy. We now come to the Maha Mandapa, A Nandi and Brass flag staff adorn this centre. Two separate ways for males and females are provided and an iron barred passage has been set up.

The sanctum is very small. In the south west corner of Arda Mandapa is one with a baby. She is Peichi Aththal.

“In Chakravala Katta, of Paher ther is a Pei (ghost) called Idahini. It will kidnap babies. To counteract that one should observe a vow called Padukidathal.”

The above is apassage from Cilappadikaram, Manimekalai, etc. that ghost Idahini is in the form of Peyichi aththal. Those who observe a vow here throw salt on the head of Peichi amman as a symbol of their having renounced salt due to the vow. But Peichi too knows fully well that these devotees after eating well in their house, purchase salt from tha bazar and throw it on her head! But this too is tolerable, some do not even buy salt in the shop. Salt is heaped at the feet of Peichi and these people take that in their hands and throw it! Peichi is aware of that too!

Some important persons are always paying a visit to this shrine, and hence the priest is often coming out peering to see if that man has arrived. With the priest obstructing the views of the Goddess it is very difficult to have a darshan of Mariamman. We hope atleast she has seen us.

The seated Mariamman is small in stature. She is covered with a golden sheath, and on Fridays there will always be a crowd. This too is owned by the Devasthanam. In the exterme south at the end of this street, a Vinayaga of Chettiar Madam, a Mahakali, in old Dharapuram road, and Chowndamman are all worth seeing.


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How to Reach:

Palani is approximately 100 kilometers from the Coimbatore. Mode of transport from the Coimbatore to the Palani includes taxi, bus and train.

By plane

The nearest air port is in Coimbatore. Coimbatore has has regular flights from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calicut, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Sharjah. Air India, Kingfisher,Indigo,Spicejet and Jet Airways operate flights out of Coimbatore Airport.

By Train

There is a rail line through Palani station, stretching Madurai to Coimbatore via Pollachi. Now Tiruchendur to palani via madurai, Chennai central – Palani Express, operating on this line.

By bus

The state transport corporation and a lot of private bus operators ply bus from Palani to major cities in Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tuticorin etc) and also to the neighboring Kerala(Palakkadu, Kochin).

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