Moksha-Dwareshwar2-300x225, Moksha Dwareshwar Temple, Varanasi
Moksha-Dwareshwar2-300x225, Moksha Dwareshwar Temple, Varanasi

Moksha Dwareshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Moksha Dwareshwar
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
 According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 94, a devotee who worships Moksha Dwareshwar Ling will always find Moksha.By Moksha we may mean release from the cycle of rebirth in the world. Great importance is attached by old timers to such practices that avoid rebirth, and death in Kashi is supposed to grant a person release from this ordeal.


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Moksha Dwareshwar is located at Ck.34/10, Lahouri Tola, near Phoota Ganesh. From Vishwanath temple, a devotee should approach Saraswati Phatak and proceed further straight and after walking about 200 metres, he will approach a place where Phoote Ganesh is located. People can reach this place by travelling upto Dasaswamedh Vishwanath Gulli by rickshaw and on foot through Gullies. Lahouri Tola Phoota Ganesh is a famous landmark.

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