P_20171203_154627, Muthukumaraswamy Temple, Perumbedu, Thiruvallur
P_20171203_154627, Muthukumaraswamy Temple, Perumbedu, Thiruvallur

Muthukumaraswamy Temple, Perumbedu, Thiruvallur

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Architectural style:Tamil Temple architecture
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 Muthukumaraswamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan located at Perumbedu Village near Ponneri in Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu. The temple is in a village surrounded by ponds and greenery and is one of the three popular Murugan temples in this region. The other two being Siruvarpuri and Andarkuppam.


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The Temple is located at about 8 Kms from Ponneri, 9 Kms from Ponneri Bus Stand, 9 Kms from Ponneri Railway Station, 62 Kms from Thiruvallur, 45 Kms from Chennai and 58 Kms from Chennai Airport. From Ponneri while going to Chinnakavanam (Pulicat), immediately after crossing the river bridge, you have to take a right to Perumbedu (if you go straight you will enter Chinna Kavanam village). For the most part till Perumbedu, the road goes along the bank of the river Arani.

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