nandikeshwari temple sainthia birbhum
nandikeshwari temple sainthia birbhum

Nandikeshwari temple is located in earlier Nandipur village, which is now a part of Sainthia town, Birbhum district, West Bengal (220 Km from Kolkata). The Sainthia town is located on the bank of river Mayurakshi. According to Hindu scripture Neck lace of Sati fell here. Goddess Shakti is worshipped here as Nandini and Lord Bhairav as Nandikeshwar.

The name Sainthia is derived from ‘Sain’, a Bengali term used to refer to an Islamic priest. Sainthia is also known as ‘Nandipur’, after Nandikeshwari Temple


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Sainthia is known as business capital of Birbhum district and it is famous for itstemple of Nandikeshwari Mata. There are many direct buses starting from various places in Birbhum. If one wants to reach through Railway route, one have to stop atSainthia Railway station and the walking distance is hardly 10 minutes.


165, Mayurakshi Sarani, Netaji Pally, Sainthia, West Bengal 731234

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