Ram Raja Temple Orchha, Niwari, Madhya Pradesh

Ram Raja Temple Orchha, Niwari, Madhya Pradesh

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District:: Niwari
Address: Lakshmi Mandir Road,Ganj Mohalla,ORCHHA-472246 Madhya Pradesh
Phone 9981749660, 8109882335

Orchha (or Urchha) is a town in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh state, India. The town was established by Rudra Pratap Singh some time after 1501, as the seat of an eponymous former princely state of central India, in the Bundelkhand region.Orchha lies on the Betwa River, 80 km from Tikamgarh & 15 km from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

Orchha is one of the few places in India that combines natural beauty, the aesthetic legacy of history and a certain authenticity. Orchha is in transition from village to town and many of its smaller temples throne over well-tended fields. It’s a paradise for bird watchers with a wide variety of colourful birds often making an appearance. Life in Orchha revolves around the Ram temple where one can see how vibrant Hinduism remains today.

Orchha’s rapid development brings with it the chaos rooted in the lack of urban planning that is typical of India… inadequate roads, non-existent or choked drains and fast accumulating piles of waste. Being a small town of about 10,000 inhabitants, these problems are not insurmountable but require a strong dose of good governance and transparency in the use of public money. That is why the strengthening of local democracy is so important.

So is the empowerment of the women of Orchha who remain constrained by traditional attitudes concerning their roles and capabilities. Meeting women from other cultures has made them aspire to more independence for their daughters.


Legend / Local stories

Orchha was founded in 1531 (the 16th century AD)by the Bundela Rajput chief, Rudra Pratap Singh,who became the first King of Orchha, (r. 1501-1531) and also built the Fort of Orchha.The Chaturbhuj Temple was built during the reign of EmperorAkbar, by the Queen of Orchha Ganesh Kunwar (गणेश कुँवर),while Raj Mandir was built by ‘Madhukar Shah’ during his reign, 1554 to 1591.

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