Sharda Devi Temple Maihar, Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Sharda Devi Temple Maihar, Satna, Madhya Pradesh

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District:: Satna
Address: Sahilara, Maihar, Madhya Pradesh 485771

Maihar is a town with municipality in Satna district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Maihar is known for the temple of the revered mother goddess Sharda situated on Trikuta hill.


Legend / Local stories

Mother of Maihar Sharda Sharda Mata of Maihar In Madhya Pradesh, the heart of the country is located in the town of Satna district of Satna district, at the height of 600 feet in Tripura hill, the temple of Sharda is the revered goddess Mother Shraddha of Durga, which is famous as the name of the temple of Mihar Devi . This is an important religious and faithful place of Hindus. Here devotees visit the mother and reach the same way as the mother goes to visit Vaishno Devi in ​​Jammu. To reach the temple of Maa Maher Devi, about thousand stairs have to be fixed. Sharda Devi, who gave birth to the great hero of Uda, is known as Sharda Maa all over the country. Here, becoming a ropeway has made it easier for the devotees to visit their mother.

Mythological stories and legends in reference to pilgrimage sites –
There is a very ancient mythological story behind the origin of this temple, according to which the daughter of Emperor Dakha wanted to marry Sati, Lord Shiva, but the king considered Shiva as a companion of Lord Shiva and ghosts and emperors and was against the marriage. However, Sati married the lord Shiva against his father’s wishes. According to the story, once King Daksh created a yagya called ‘Jupiter Sarva’, in this yajna, Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and other gods and goddesses were also invited, but deliberately they did not call Lord Mahadev. Sati, daughter of Mahadev’s wife and Daksh, was very unhappy with this and at the altar of sacrifice, Sati asked the reason for not inviting Lord Shiva from her father, Daksh had said a word about Lord Shiva, then suffering from this humiliation Sati sat silent and turned to the north direction and took his meditation at the feet of Lord Shiva, by holding the air and fire element through Yoga route, consume your body with its own strength. Or, when Shiva revealed the accident angry opened his third eye and destroyed the sacrifice. Then Lord Shankar lifted the body of Mother Sati on the shoulder and began to meditate in anger.

For the good of the universe, Lord Vishnu divided the body of Sati into fifty-two parts. Wherever the body and the ornament of Sati’s body fell, Shakti Peethas were formed. One of them is Shakti Peeth, the temple of Mihara Devi, where mother Sati’s necklace fell. Meher means the mother’s necklace, hence the name of this place was maihar. In the next life, Sati was born in the form of Parvati, the house of Himachal, and after receiving austerity, Shiva was again found as a husband. Another interesting legend about this shrine is also prevalent. Explains that 200 years ago Maharaj Durgjan Singh used to rule the name of Judeo. A shepherd from his kingdom used to come to the forest to feed cow. In this horrible forest, the day was dark as night. There were many types of scary sounds used to come.

One day he noticed that a golden cow came along from those cows and came to the place suddenly after the evening. On the second day, when the cowboy brought the cows on this hill, then it was seen that the same cow was being eaten together with these cows. Then he decided that when this cow would return to the evening, that would be followed by that too. Chasing the cow, he saw that he went into the cave situated in the top of the hill and when the inside of the cave closed it closed. She sat there at the door He does not know how long after the door is open. But there he appeared to an old mother. Then the shepherd said to the old lady, ‘Mai, I feed your cow, so give me something for the stomach.

I have come to you from this very desire. ‘The old mother went in and gave barley grains in a wooden soup to the shepherd, and said,’ Now you do not come alone in this forest. ‘ Cow is pasting in the forest, but you live alone in this forest? You do not feel scared. ‘Then the old mother laughed with that shepherd and said,’ Son, this forest, high mountain-mountain is my home, I reside in this house. By saying so, he disappeared. When the shepherd came home and opened a barley granite, he was surprised. The diamond-pearl was shining in the place of barley. He thought – I will do it. In the morning, I will be present in the king’s court and will tell you the past. On the second day, the shepherd reached his court with his plea and narrated the whole antagonist in front of the king. Upon hearing the story of that shepherd, King went to sleep in his palace, asking to go there the next day. In the night, the king was seen by the shepherd in a dream and the old mother appeared and realized that this is Shakti Maa Sharda.

In the dream, the mother ordered the Maharaja to set up an idol there and said that my vision will be fulfilled only by all the people’s desires. In the morning, the king did all the work as per his mother’s orders. Soon the glory of this place started spreading around The devotees started coming from the other side for the blessings of the mother and their wishful desires began to be fulfilled. After this, the devotees of Mata made a huge temple of Mother Sharda. Another legend is also prevalent in reference to this religious site. According to tradition, two brave brothers, Alha and Udal who fought with Prithviraj Chauhan, used to be Shadha Mata’s devotees. These two people first discovered this temple of Sharda Devi between the forests. After this, Alha pleased Goddess by doing penance for twelve years in this temple. Mother gave him the blessing of immortality; It is said that the two brothers had their tongues,

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