Pateshwar, Satara
Pateshwar, Satara

Pateshwar is a village in Satara district of Maharashtra, known for rock-cut caves with shrines of Shiva.

Pateshwar is located about 11.26 km South East of Satara on the Satara-Kolhapur state highway in Maharashtra. While there are two ways of approaching Pateshwar, the most popular route is through Degaon village by State Transport buses, autorickshaws apart from private cars. The other route is from the South through a village called Borgaon. This road is preferred by the locals, however tourists prefer the Degaon route.


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There are two ways to reach Pateshwar, one is through Degaon village and can be reached via state transport buses. This route is popular among tourists. The other route, which is popular among the locals, is from Borgaon village. From Degaon village, a 4 km drive takes to the road head 1 km before Pateshwar.


Degaon, Maharashtra 415004

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