Pranav-Vinayak2-300x225, Pranav Vinayak Temple, Varanasi
Pranav-Vinayak2-300x225, Pranav Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Pranav Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Pranav Vinayak
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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How to Reach:

Pranava Vinayak is located at Hiranya Garbheshwar temple, Trilochan Ghat steps. It is easy to reach this place by boat. If devotees travel by road, they can travel beyond Machhodari upto Birla Hospital and take a right turn and then walk on foot. A devotee who regularly worships this Lord will find his place in heaven.

Types Of Pooja:

The temple is open from 05.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m and from 04.00 p.m. to 09.00 p.m. Shri Chandra Keshav Ojha (Chhania Maharaj) is available near the temple.

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