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Kamahi Devi Temple, Hoshiarpur

Around 40 kms from Hoshiarpur, this temple is dedicated to goddess Kamakshi. It was known by her name as Kamakshi Devi Temple. It is located in the village of Beh Nangal. It is said that the Pandavas built this temple. Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery How to Reach: By Air Airports are Adampur,Chandigarh […]

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Mata Chakreshwari Temple, Fatehgarh Sahib

This ancient temple is believed to be 1000 years old and is situated in village Attewali on Sirhind-Chandigarh Road . The legend has that during the times of Raja Prithvi Raj Chauhan, a large number of pilgrims from Rajasthan were going in bullock carts to the ancient Jain Temple of Kangra (situated still in Kangra […]

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Maisar Khana Temple, Bathinda

The Maisar Khana mandir is 29 km from Bathinda on Bathinda-Mansa Road. According to a legend, the Jyoti of Mata Jawala appeared to give darshan to a poor devotee who could not reach durga temple at Jawala Ji. Every year, Two Melas are held where lacs of devotees come to have Darshan of Jawala ji. […]

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Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth, Jalandhar

One of the 52 major Shakti Peethas, the Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth is situated in Jalandhar, Punjab. The Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth is dedicated to Devi Sati or Shakti, who is worshipped by a large number of Hindu devotees. It is believed that Devi Sati’s Left Breast fell here. This Peetha is situated in Jalandhar (1 km […]

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Durgiana Temple, Amritsar

Punjab is a land blessed by saints, an ancient land yielding archaeological treasures, a land of palaces and temples. Situated outside the Lohgarh Gate, Durgiana Temple is built after the design of the Golden Temple and attracts sages and scholars in Hindu scriptures from all over India. A walk away from the Golden temple complex […]

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Julfa Mata Temple, Nangal

Julfa Mata Temple is situated in a small town of Nangal, in the district of Rupnagar, in the state of Punjab, in Northwest India. It is one of the fifty one Shako Peethas. According to the local legends and religious scholars, it is strongly believed that the hair of the deity fell at this particular […]

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Kali Devi Mandir, Patiala

One of the consecrated place of worship for the Hindus, the Kali Devi Mandir in the city of Patiala, Punjab, is devoted to the Hindu goddess Durga – an incarnation of Kali Mata (Mother Kali). Located on the Mall Road of this city, the magnificent temple lies just in front of the Baradari Garden next to […]

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Suraj Kund Sunam, Sangrur

Suraj Kund Sunam is a famous Hindu temple It is a large Sun temple, located to the east of Sunam city (dated to the Vedic period), about 1.5 kilometres away in the Thashil and Sub division of the Sangrur District, was destroyed by Timur or Mohammad Ghaznavi. It is also said that Saraswathi River was […]

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Ram Tirath Temple, Amritsar.

Ram Tirath Temple is located at a distance of 11 kilometers to the West of Chogawan road in Amritsar. The Ram Tirath Temple dates back top the period of Ramayana. There is a very good ancient tank near this temple. Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery How to Reach: Address Contact Details

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Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Ludhiana

Ludhiana, a historical and a heritage city, having a definite identity, houses the famous Gurudwara Manji Sahib. This Gurudwara is exactly located at Alamgir in Ludhiana. This particular gurudwara is one of the renowned Gurudwaras in Punjab and here the 10th Sikh Guru, known as Guru Govind Singh spent a few days to refresh himself. […]