Sakshigopal Temple, puri, Odisha

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Sakhigopala Temple formally known as Satyabadi Gopinatha Temple is a medieval temple dedicated to Lord Gopinatha located in the town of Sakhigopala onthe Puri Bhubaneshwar highway in Odisha, India. The temple is built in the Kalinga style of temple architecture.


Legend / Local stories

It is said that a poor young man of the village, later named it as Sakhigopala, fell in love with the daughter of the village headman. However, being of a higher economic status, the headman opposed marriage between this young man and his daughter. The villagers, including the headman and the young man, went on a pilgrimage to Kashi. The village headman fell ill and was abandoned by fellow villagers. The young man tended to him so well that he soon got well and, in gratitude, promised his daughter in marriage to the young man. As soon as they returned to the village, the headman went back on his promise, asking the young man to produce a witness in support of his claim.

Lord Gopala, impressed by the young man’s devotion, agreed to come and bear witness to the promise on one condition: that the young man lead the way and he would follow, but the young man must never look back. He led the way to the village, passing a mound of sand. As they passed, the man could not hear the Lord’s footsteps and turned back. Immediately the Lord turned into a statue of stone rooted to the spot. The villagers were still so impressed that God himself came to back the young man’s claim that the youngsters were married off; they were later appointed as the first priests of the temple built in Lord Gopala’s honour who came to bear witness

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