Sashakthi Shiva Navakam

(Nine stanzas on Shiva with power)

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(This prayer asks God for several capabilities. The manthraksharas “Iym” and “Kleem” are used to worship Shiva. Devotees interested in any one wish can repeat that Stanza.)

Veda shastras purane ithihasa kavya kaladishu,

Vijnanam dehi mey, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 1

Give me clear understanding,

Of Vedas, Science, Puranas,

History, literature and arts,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Chathurdasasu vidhyasu , chathu shashti kalau cha,

Chathuram diyamadehi, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 2

In the fourteen types of education,

And sixty four type of arts,

Bless me with expertise,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Meemsayaam samasthatam, sabdha sasthre viseshatha,

Dehi mey deva sambragnam, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 3

In all the aspects of analysis of knowledge,

Especially in the science of phonetics,

Grant me expertise,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Ganitheshu cha sarvagna, dehi mey parameshwara,

Samyak gnanam Jagannadha, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 4

Make me all knowing in mathematics,

Oh God who is the greatest,

Give me complete knowledge in it,

Oh , Lord of the universe,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Sakleshwapi kavyeshu , sakalsu kadhasu cha,

Sahithyam dehi mey vacham, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 5

Make me loquacious of literary excellence,

In all the literature ,

And in al stories,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Hrudayamboruhe nithyam vasa mey Jagadheeswara,

Hara mey duritham saswad, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 6

Oh, God of all universe,

Be pleased to live in the lotus of my mind,

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And forever destroy all my sufferings,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Janmanthara krutham paapam budher jadyakaram Shiva,

Jahi janthushu nindam cha, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 7

Please destroy all my sins, Oh Shiva,

Which have been done in various births,

Which makes my brain dull,

And also remove the disrespect of other beings towards me,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Vishayeshu viraktheem cha vivideshu videhi mey,

Vinatheshtadha viswesa, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 8

Please develop in me detachment,

To all things that attract,

And towards beings of different sorts,

Oh Lord of the universe,

Who grants wishes of devotees,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Mukthi marga param chitham kuru , mey Jagadeeshwara,

Mugdha Chandra Kala Chooda, Iym Nama Kleem shivaya sou. 9

Hey Lord of the universe,

Who wears the crescent of moon as ornament,

Make my mind lean,

Towards the path of salvation,

Oh Shiva, “Iym” salutations, “Kleem”.

Ithyethad navakam nithyam bhakthitho ya paden nara,

Prarambhasmasya sidhyanthi , prarthhithanchapi sidhyathi. 10

He who recites these nine stanzas,

Daily with devotion,

Will complete all works he starts,

And would get all his desires fulfilled.

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