Shree Hanuman Mandir Gudiyari There is also a Hanuman temple in the capital, which symbolizes the religious richness of Raipur in history. Even today, every Tuesday, people from far-flung villages arrive here for worship. It is believed that Hanuman’s self-proclaimed statue of Hanuman was seen 400 years ago here. Since then worship has been done here.

Learn about the ancient Hanuman temple- According to historians Raipur was earlier known for cotton market. People from far and wide used to come here to buy cotton. Gudihari was also one of the major mandis. The self-proclaimed statue of Lord Hanuman spread far and wide. Traders coming from outside states also had such faith in this statue that they would first stop and worship God, and only then they shop.In this way, Lord Hanuman is being worshiped here for a long time. Special rituals are also performed here on special occasions. This temple is also a center of attraction due to its historical and religious importance.


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