sita-kund-garm-pani, Sita Kund, Bihar
sita-kund-garm-pani, Sita Kund, Bihar

Sita Kund, Bihar

Date built:Before 17th century AD
Architectural style:
Major festivalsJanki Navami, Vivah Panchami, Durgapuja
Locale:Punaura, sitamarahi

The Punaura Dham, janki mandir is a Hindu pilgrimage site in Sitamarhi district, in the Indian state of Bihar, which has an ancient Hindu temple. It is situated 5 km west of Sitamarhi town and a popular visitor’s attraction.

Punaura Dham Janki Mandir is one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Goddess Sita, located in Sitamarhi, Bihar, India. Million of pilgrims visit the temple every year and most visited religious shrine in North India. I

Punaura Dham is about 5 km west of Sitamarhi. Saint Pundrik’s Ashram was situated here. Sita-Kund place is the honour of being the birthplace of Hindu Goddess, Sita.



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