Sitaram-Bagh-Temple-3(1), Sitaram Bagh temple, Mangalhat, Telangana
Sitaram-Bagh-Temple-3(1), Sitaram Bagh temple, Mangalhat, Telangana

Sitaram Bagh temple, Mangalhat, Telangana

Date built:
Deity:Lord Hanuman, Sita and Ram
Architectural style:Mughal – Rajput -Qutb Shahi
Major festivals
Locale:Mangalhat, Hyderabad
Address:Sitaram Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

Sitaram Bagh temple or Seetharambagh temple, built by Seth Puranmal Ganeriwala, member of the Ganeriwala family, is an old temple located in Mangalhat, a suburb of Hyderabad.It is spread over 25 acres. Sitaram Bagh temple is classified as a heritage building by INTACH. The 7th Nizam of Hyderabad HEH Mir Osman Ali Khan made a huge donation towards re-construction of this temple.


The Sitarambagh temple is built over 25 acres and has a 50-feet wall, giving the temple a fort like look. In these days and times, it keeps the encroachers out, but there was a time when it protected Hindu women from Razakars. That is the time 10,000 Hindu women took shelter at the temple. “We protected them and the food was supplied at the temple,” says Arvind Ganeriwal.

The temple is equipped with six step wells of which one is defunct. Not surprisingly, there are three mosques around the temple. The property includes an old Qutub Shahi mosque with a step well, near which Puranmalji constructed the temple complex.

The Ganga-Jamni tehzeeb for which Hyderabad is still famous must have existed till the Razakar movement, for, presumably, after that a wall was built to separate the mosque from the temple, though both of them still use the water from the same stepwell.

The Sitarambagh temple has a shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The vigraha (idol) that you see now is a discovery even for the family members.“We had been worshipping Hanuman only till the knee,” said Arvindji, “not knowing that the rest had been buried over a period of time.”

Legend / Local stories

Sitaram Bagh temple or Seetharambagh temple is an old temple located in Mangalghat, a suburb of Hyderabad. This is one of the oldest Hindu Temple in Hyderabad dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita.

It is listed as a heritage building by INTACH.Thanks to my friend Rajesh Pamnani, we got access to shoot the temple’s celebrations to mark its 180th year.

This Temple was built by Puranmal Ganeriwala, in the 1830s. Its architecture style is a mixture of Rajasthani, Mughal and European. It was constructed during the regime of Qutub Shahi Kings. It was supported by the Nizams. There is a 20 feet’s high wall surrounding this temple and thus it looks like a fort. The major area of this temple is dedicated to open scrub and the minor one is to the complex of temples, samadhis and residential quarters. The courtyard presents a new facet, style, structure and one would be thrilled to see it with surprises.

The major sanctum sanctorum of Lord Rama and Sita is carved through marbles and there are also shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Lakshmi, and Varadarajaswamy within the temple.

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