2017-09-14 (2), Soleeswarar Temple, Perambakkam, Thiruvallur
2017-09-14 (2), Soleeswarar Temple, Perambakkam, Thiruvallur

Soleeswarar Temple, Perambakkam, Thiruvallur

Date built:
Deity: Soleeswarar
Architectural style: Tamil Temple architecture
Major festivals Kiruthigai, and Chathurthi
Locale: Perambakkam
District:: Thiruvallur
Eswaran Koil St, Perambakkam, Tamil Nadu 631402 
Phone +91 94431 08707 / 94451 27892 / 94430 67204
 Soleeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Perambakkam near Thakkolam in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. This Temple is reputed to be a Parihara Sthalam for nervous disorders. The temple is situated at the northeast part of the village Perambakkam.



On Mondays and other important days such as Somavara Pradosham, normal Pradosham, Kiruthigai, and Chathurthi, special poojas are performed at the temple.


Parihara Pooja on every Mondays is performed here for getting relief from All Nervous problems of the devotees.

The method of offering prayer to get cure from nerve problems:

  1. The people who suffer from nerve problems should commence their prayer on a Monday (Somavaram) and they should continue to come to the temple for six more weeks.
  2. They should come to the temple piously after taking head bath and carry two coconuts, milk, flowers and a small pocket of holy ash.
  3. The holy ash and milk brought by the devotees are poured into separate vessels for performing the abishekam.
  4. Those who have completed six weeks of their prayer need to bring tender coconut and fruits on the seventh week for performing abishekam and making panjamirtham.
  5. The abishekams are performed in a traditional way. While pouring the milk or the holy ash over the deity Soleeswarar the nerve like patterns over the deity can be seen visibly.
  6. A traditional abishekam is performed for Kamakshi Amman. The rituals come to an end with the showing of deepa Harathi after the Neivedhyam.
  7. The devotees assembled at the temple were then offered holy ash, sandal, Kumkumam and the powder of dried Vilvam leaves, along with sweet Pongal and Panjamirtham.

Handling Prasadhams offered at temple:

  1. Those who suffer from nervous problems and vowed to offer their prayer at the temple for seven weeks are given enough quantity of holy ash and Vilva leave powder to use for a week.
  2. They are advised to mix a pinch of holy ash in the water meant for taking a bath and complete the bath reciting the name of Swami and Ambal.
  3. Then they must take a pinch of holy ash mixed in a cup of water in empty stomach in the morning.
  4. Before going to sleep in the night they are advised to smear the holy ash at the problematic place in their body.
  5. They must do the aforesaid procedures with the fullest faith to get cured.
    It is stated that a number of devotees who have completed the tasks are either fully cured or got a comfortable level of relief.
  6. The temple authorities also arrange to courier the prasadam for those who could not make it to the temple.

Legend / Local stories


It is heard that Perambakkam got this name from Ramayana period, during Ramayana war, Ravana was hiding in this place. Rama decided to kill Ravana. He made one huge bow (Periya Ambu or Perambu in Tamil). That bow was made in this place only, after which this place got the name Perambakkam=Perambu+aakam (aakam means made).

Kodi Maram:

It is stated that the flag-mast of this temple was installed on his own expense by a wealthy old man from the village. He suffered from a serious nerve problem and regularly offered his prayers in a systematic way at the temple.
When he got cured in order to show his gratitude to Soleeswarar he has fully paid the expenses for installing the flag mast (Kodi Maram).

Siddhars & Sages songs about the deity:

Sage Vasishta and many Rishis and evolved souls like the Siddhas have sung about the Deity here mentioning the cure for nerve disorders. Not only nerve related disorders but even brain tumors have a cure here, says Sage Vasishta in his song on Lord Choleeswarar. Siddhar Korakkanathar has sung a song which indicates that the Lord cures Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar. Konkana Siddhar in his songs refers to the same, calling blood pressure -the ” silent killer.” One of the songs sung by Sage Agasthya refers to the Kodi Maram or Flag Staff as being worshipped by Lord Dhanwanthari on pradosha days (Thrayodasi thidhi).

Temple Opening Time:

The Temple remains open from 09.00 AM to 12.00 Noon and 05.30 PM to 7.30 PM.

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How to Reach:

The Temple is located at about 600 meters from Perambakkam Bus Stand, 8 Kms from Manavur Railway Station, 9 Kms from Kadambathur Railway Station, 13 Kms from Thakkolam, 13 Kms from Thiruvalangadu, 18 Kms from Thiruvallur, 26 Kms from Arakkonam, 55 Kms from Chennai and 54 Kms from Chennai Airport.

Those who travel by train need to get down at Kadambathur station and avail either bus or share auto service to reach the temple. Direct bus services are available from T. Nagar (Bus. No 591) and Koyambedu (Bus.No.591A). Buses are also available from Kanchipuram, Thakkolam, Chennai, Arakkonam and Thiruvallur.

Contact Details

Soleeswarar Temple,
Eswaran Koil St, Perambakkam,
Thiruvallur District – 631 402
Mobile: +91 94431 08707 / 94451 27892 / 94430 67204

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