Sornapuriswarar Temple, Salavakkam, Kanchipuram
Sornapuriswarar Temple, Salavakkam, Kanchipuram

Sornapuriswarar Temple, Salavakkam, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Deity: Sornapuriswarar
Architectural style: Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Salavakkam
District:: Kanchipuram
Sornapuriswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Salavakkam Village near Chengalpet in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is known as Sornapuriswarar and Mother is known as  Anandha valli.


Legend / Local stories

Kali slaying Asuras Sumban & Nisumban:

Two asuras, Sumban and Nisumban, did penance seeking the blessings of Lord Brahma. When Lord Brahma appeared, they prayed to bless them with the boon that they should meet their end only in the hands of a virgin appearing from Godess Uma Devi. Pleased with their penance, Lord Brahma sanctioned their wish. Having obtained the boon from Lord Brahma, the two asuras became arrogant and started indulging in all types of evil deeds.

They declared war against Devas, defeated and made them their slaves and continuously tortured them. Unable to undergo the sufferings, Devas prayed to Siva. To answer their prayer, Lord Siva cast his eyes upon his consort, Goddess Uma Devi and addressed her as Kali. Sri Ambigai transformed her color to black and took the form of Goddess Kali. She came down to earth and on the banks of river Palar, created a theertham, after praying to Sri Vinayaga, installed a Sivalingam and began her penance.

After many years of penance, Lord Siva appeared before Goddess Kali. His grace removed her black color and granted golden color. The black color that got out of Goddess Kali fought with the asuras and destroyed them. Since Sri Ambigai obtained golden color (Swarna), thereinafter the place was known as Sornapuri.

Arrogance of Lakshmi:

Once Goddess Lakshmi became arrogant over her beautiful appearance. Because of that, she was cursed by Sri Vishnu and eventually, she lost her beauty. She came down to Sornapuri and with the help of Kubera, constructed a pond full of golden lotus flowers. She prayed to Lord Sornapuriswarar, by offering those golden lotus flowers and regained her original beauty. Also, Kubera was elevated as head of all wealth.

Ardent Devotee attained Salvation here:

Sivanesan, an ardent devotee of Lord Sornapuriswarar, was continuously offering worship in this temple. Lord Siva granted his Dharshan to Sivanesan and transformed him into two lingas, namely, Uthira Nadhar and Dakshina Nadhar. Thus, Sivanesan attained Mukthi (Liberation).

Presiding Deity is known as Sornapuriswarar and Mother is known as  Anandha valli. As Lord Siva ordained, Sri Bhairavar became the controlling deity of this place. Sri Vinayagar deity, installed and prayed by Sri Ambigai, is still found in this temple, as Sri Sakthi Vinayaga.


Those who pray to Sri Sornapuriswarar by lighting ghee lamps (Nei Vilakku) and offering Vilva leaves (Vilva archanai) will be bestowed with abundant wealth and excellent health. This prayer is best, if done continuously for 18 Mondays (Somavaram). If one comes around both Uthira and Dakshina Nathars for 18 times daily and offers his sincere prayers, it is sure that his cycle of births – deaths will come to an end and he will attain Mukthi.

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How to Reach:

Salavakkam is situated at about 20 Kms away to the West of Chengalpet and 35 Kms to the East of Kancheepuram.

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