Sukutesvara Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Date built:
Architectural style: Kalinga architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Bhubaneswar
District:: Bhubaneswar

Sukutesvara Temple located in the old town of bhubaneswar serves as purpose for community gathering. The preceding deity in this temple is a Siva- lingam (Lord Shiva) situated at the centre. The temple observes various religious sacraments like Mahasivaratri, Chandipatha and Rudrabhisekha.


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The temple is situated behind the Lingaraja market complex, right side of the Ganges–Yamuna road branching from Gouri Sankara Temple. It is south west of the Ganges-Yamuna precinct, west of Lakshesvara. The presiding deity is a Siva-lingam at the centre of a circular yoni pitha. It is a living temple facing towards east.

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