Sanneswarer Temple, Theni

There is a temple which is meant solely for Saneeswara Bhagawan(,Department of Tourism, Culture and Religious Endowments of Tamil Nadu ) situated at Kuchanoor. The Lord is seen in swayambhu (self-appeared) form, the name of the town being derived from Kubjan, one of Shani’s names (Kubjanoor). In front of this temple the perennial river Surabi … Read more Sanneswarer Temple, Theni

Bhaktha Anjaneyar, Theni, Ttamil Nadu

Bhaktha Anjaneyar, Theni, Ttamil Nadu Date built: – Deity: Hanuman Architectural style: – Major festivals – Locale: – District:: Theni Address: – Phone – Shri Mariamman Temple is situated in Periyakulam Village on the way to Dindigul Theni road which is 16km away from Theni, Theni District, Tamil Nadu, India. Further, this temple is located in … Read more Bhaktha Anjaneyar, Theni, Ttamil Nadu