Tilinga Mandir, Tinsukia
Tilinga Mandir, Tinsukia

 Tilinga Mandir is located in Bordubi, a small town which is 7 km far from Tinsukia District of Assam. This is a famous Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Upper Assam. Tilinga means ‘bell’ and mandir means ‘temple’ in Assamese and hence the temple is known as the “Temple of Bells” or “Tilinga Mandir”. This temple has the largest collection of bells and has made it to the Limca Book of World Records for hosting the largest collection of bells of all types in this temple. There are copper, bronze, brass and aluminium bells, in different sizes weighing anything between 50 grams to 55 kg.

In 1965, local residents of the area noticed a Shiva Lingam emerge from the ground near the banyan tree where the Tilinga Mandir temple is now situated. According to Hindu mythology, banyan trees are considered Kalpavriksha”, or “wish fulfilling divine trees” and it is believed that if someone hangs a bell from the banyan tree at Tilinga Mandir 


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You can reach the temple by private car or bus. By Train : Nearest station is Tinsukia town station. From their the temple of Bells is very well connected by bus to Bordubi, where the temple is situated.


Bordubi, Assam 786171

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