Veera Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Kakkalur, Thiruvallur

Date built:
Deity: Veera Anjaneya Swamy
Architectural style: Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Kakkalur
District:: Thiruvallur
Address: Veera Anjaneya Swamy Temple,Kakkalur – 602 003
Thiruvallur District
Phone +91 97892 92700 / 27661624
 Veera Anjaneya Swamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman located in Kakkalur, a suburb of Thiruvallur Town in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. This is one of the 732 Vyasa Pradhishta Hanuman idols in India. All of Anjaneya Idols installed by him are identical in the fact that they are turning towards north, with a lotus flower in one hand, and bell at the end of their tail.

Temple Opening Time

The temple remains open from 06.00 a.m., to 01.00 p.m. in the mornings and again from 03.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m in the evenings.


Legend / Local stories

The temple consists of Garbhagraham and a big mandapam in front of it. The Veera Anjaneya is about nine feet in height and facing north. Lord Hanuman is in standing posture with his right hand in Abaya mudra and on the left hand he is holding Sowgandika flower. In both the hands he is wearing kankanam. The long tail of Sri Anjaneya is seen raised above his head. There is also a small bell in his tail as in temples where Anjaneya was installed by Sri Vyasa Raja.

The Lord’s tuft is seen neatly tied. The Lord is wearing three sets of ornaments in his neck. His lotus feets are seen ever ready and eager to come for the help of his devotee. Above all the glowing eyes of the Lord give the devotees all the compassion they seek and comforts they require. On the one side of the Anjaneya temple is a small Pillayar temple. Therefore, a devotee who is visiting this temple can have Dharshan of the ‘Adi’ (beginning – Sri Ganesha) and ‘Andha’ (end-Sri Anjaneya).

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How to Reach:

The Temple is located at about 500 meters from Kakkalur Bus Stop, 1 Km from Kakkalur Industrial Estate Bus Stop, 2.5 Kms from Putlur, 1.5 Kms from Putlur Railway Station, 4 Kms from Thiruvallur Railway Station, 3 Kms from Thiruvallur Bus Stand, 44 Kms from Chennai and 46 Kms from Chennai Airport.

Contact Details

Veera Anjaneya Swamy Temple,
Kakkalur – 602 003
Thiruvallur District
Mobile: +91 97892 92700 / 27661624

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