Advaya  Krishna Sthava

A unique prayer  to Lord Krishna


Kautha Mohana Shasthri

Translated  by,

1.Mookam karothi vaachalam, pangum langayathe girim,
Yath krupa thamaham  vandhe, Paramananda Madhavam.

I salute that divinely joyous  Madhava by whose grace,
The Dumb becomes eloquent and the lame crosses the mountain.

2.Aadharam  sarva bhuthaanam, jagad vyaktha roopinam,
Sri Krishnam  Paramathmaanam dhyayeth aham jnana sidhaye.

I meditate on that divine Krishna, who is the foundation of  all beings,
Whose clear   form is this universe itself,   for getting wisdom .

3.Krishnam omkara lakshyartham Jagat  parama  Karanam,
Nithyam sarva gatham, shantham, dhyayeth  aham jnana sidhaye.

For getting wisdom,I meditate on that divine Krishna, Who is the  real meaning of “Om”,
Who is the divine cause of  the universe, who goes daily everywhere  and is peaceful.

4.Akhanda sathchithananda aakaaram, Paripoornamivambaram,
Sri Krishnam Paramathmanam, dhyayeth aham  jnana Sidhaye.

For getting wisdom I  meditate   on Krishna who is the divine soul,
Who has a limitless  form  of true divine joy filing the entire atmosphere.

5.Svathmabinnam  paramajyothi prajnanam sarva sthitham,
Sri Krishnam Paramathmanam, dhyayeth aham jnana Sidhaye.

For getting wisdom I  meditate on Krishna who is the divine soul,
Who is not different  from his soul  , who is the divine light of wisdom which is everywhere.

6.Sarvasya prabhavam Krishnam, jnana mathra  swaroopatha,
Saakaaram bhajatham Krishnam yaavathsathvam praseedathi.

I actively  sing about Lord Krishna, Who is the cause  of all strength of beings,
And who has the form which is only wisdom, so that  he would be pleased  with this being.

7.Param jyothi paramathmaanam svathma bhinnam  parathparam,
Krishnam  hrudhi sthitham dhyayeth svathma labha parayana.

I meditate   the Krishna in my heart, who is studying  my mind,
Who is the divine soul with divine light  and the divine among divine who is not different from his soul.

8.Nirakaram cha saakaaram  Krishnam vande  Jagat gurum,
THathwa jnanartha sidhyartham bhakthya nithyam  hrudhi sthitham.

I salute that  universal teacher Krishna, who does not have a form  and who has one,
Who is within mind, daily  with devotion so that  I get wisdom of  realty .

9.Krishna Kamala Pathraksham, Shanka Chakra gadha dharam,
Paramathmanam sada dhyayeth , pitambaradaram  Harim.

I always  meditate  on the lotus eyed Krishna, who holds conch, mace and  wheel,
Who is the divine soul, who is Hari and one who wears   yellw silk.

10.Sri Krishnam paramathmanam, koti surya Sama prabham,
Nithyam sarva gatham, shantham vandeham jnana sidhaye.

I salute  that Krishna, who is the  divine soul, who has luster like one crore  suns,
Who is stable, who goes everywhere  m who is peaceful   so that I  get wisdom.

11,Sri Krishnam paramathmanam, guru vayu pura sthitham,
BHakhabheeshta pradam  Vandhe Artha trana parayanam

I salute Krishna, who is the divine soul, who  is in Guruvayur,
Who fulfill desires of devotees  and who leads to the saving of the distressed.

12.Krishna storam idham punyam, Mohana Rama bodhitham,
Yah padeth sathatham bhakthya sarvabheeshtamavapnuyath.

This prayer to Lord rishna which is blessed, has been taught by Mohanarama,
And if is always read with devotion would lead to fulfillment of  all desires.

 Ithi Brahma sri Kautha Mohana  Rama Sastri krutha  Krishna  stotram sampoornam.

                  This prayer  composed  by Kautha  Mohana Sastri   comes to an end.


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