सर्वगुह्यतमं भूय: शृणु मे परमं वच: |
इष्टोऽसि मे दृढमिति ततो वक्ष्यामि ते हितम् ||

sarva-guhyatamaṁ bhūyaḥ śhṛiṇu me paramaṁ vachaḥ
iṣhṭo ‘si me dṛiḍham iti tato vakṣhyāmi te hitam



संपूर्ण गोपनीयों से अति गोपनीय मेरे परम रहस्ययुक्त वचन को तू फिर भी सुन। तू मेरा अतिशय प्रिय है, इससे यह परम हितकारक वचन मैं तुझसे कहूँगा॥64॥


Hear again my supreme instruction, the most confidential of all knowledge. I am revealing this for your benefit because you are very dear to me.


English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya’s Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

18.64 Srnu, listen; bhuyah, again; to me, My; paramam, highest; vacah, utternace; which is sarva-guhyatamam, profundest of all, most secret of all secrets, though it has been repeatedly stated. Neither from fear nor even for the sake of money am I speaking! What then? Iti, since, considering that; asi, you are; drdham, ever, unwaveringly; istah, dear; me, to Me; tatah, therefore, for that reason; vaksyami, I shall speak; what is hitam, beneficial; te, to you, what is the highest means of attaining Knowledge. That is indeed the most beneficial of all beneficial things.
‘What is that (You are going to tell me)?’ In answer the Lord says: