1.Rishir Uvacha:-

Ethathe Kaditham Bhoopa, Devi Mahatmyam Uthamam,
Evam prabhava saa devi yayedham dharyadhe Jagat.

The Sage told:-

Hey king, I have told the holy story of Devi Mahatmyam. That goddess who carries the entire world with her has all the greatness told in the Mahtamya.

2.Vidhya thadiva kriyathe bhagawad vishnu mayaya,

Thaya thawamesha vaisyascha thadaivayai vivekina,

3. Mohyanthe mohithaschaiva mohameshyanthi chapare,

Thamupaihi maharaja, saranam parameshwareem.

4.Aradhitha saive nrunaam bhoga swargapavargadha.

 Knowledge or intelligence is created by the power of Vishnu Maya and she herself creates illusions to hide the truth from wise people such as you and Vaisya. Some others will attain only illusion. So, king, surrender before this great goddess. Once she is worshipped that Goddess will give material pleasures, heaven and salvation.

. Markandeya Uvacha:-

  Ithi Thasya vacha sruthwa Suradha sa Naradhipa.

5. Pranipathya mahabagam tham rushim samshitha vrutham,

Nirvinno athi mamathwena rajyapaharanena cha.

6.  Jagama sadhyasthapase sa cha vaisyo maha mune,

  Sandharsanartham ambhaya nadee pulinamasritha.

Sage Markandeya told:-

Hearing these words of Sage Sumedhas, The king Suradha became very lucky. Saluting that sage, who observed serious penance, being extremely sorrowful because of egoism, and because of his kingdom being robbed by him, went immediately for doing penance. The Vaisya also did the same thing. Hey sage they reached the river shores for making efforts to se the Goddess.

(Sage Markandeya is telling this story to Sage Kroshtaki in the Markandeya purana.)

7.  Sa cha vaisya thapasthape devi suktham param japan,

  Thou thasmin puline devya kruthwa moorthim mahimayim.

See also  Nava Rathna Mala Stotram

8.  Arhanam chakrathasthasya pushpa doopagni tharpanai.

 That king and Vaisya did penance by repeating “Devi Suktham”. They made a statue of the goddess by mud on the floor of sand and worshipped it by flowers, incense, and fire sacrifices and other methods of satisfying her.

(There is lot of controversy about what is mentioned as Devi Suktham.  It only literally means that which is extremely suitable to praise her greatness. Some people say that this is a manthra from Rig-Veda. Some people say that it is a Sthothra called “Devi Suktham. ” But majority people are of the opinion that it is the prayer starting with “Namo devyai Maha Devyai…” in the fifth chapter. Sloka number s 7-36)

 9.  Niraharou yathaharou thanmanaskou samahithou,

 Dhadhthsthuthou balinchaiva nija gathra sugukshitham.

They took less food and then no food, concentrated their mind on the goddess, controlled their senses and offered her an offering made wet by the blood from their bodies.

10. Evam samaradhayatho sthreebhir varshair yathathmano.,

Parithushta jagatdathri prathyaksham praha Chandika.

Thus being worshipped with absolute concentration for three years, that Goddess Chandika who is the mother of the world became pleased and appeared before them.

11. Devyuvacha:-

Yath prathayathe twaya bhoopa, thwaya cha kula nandhana,

Mathasthath prapyatham sarvam parithushta daddadmi vaam.

The Goddess told:-

Hey king and Hey good son of a family (Vaisya), you both please get from me what all you prayed for. I am pleased with you and I will give you everything.

12.  Markandeya Uvacha:-

  Thatho vavre nrupo rajyamavi bramsa janmani,

  Athrapi cha nijam rajyam hatha shatru balam balath.

See also  Kalabhairavashtakam

Sage Markandeya told:-

Then the king requested for kingship even in his next birth as well as his kingdom in the present birth in which he would be able to destroy the enemy forces.

13.  Mamethyahamithi pragna sangavichyuthikarakam,

 Then that Vaisya, who had great wisdom with a sense of renunciation, requested for wisdom in which feelings like me and mine will not be there.

14.  Devyuavacha:-

  Swalpai rahebhir nrupathe, swam rajyam prapsyathe bhavan,

  Hathwa ripunaskalitham thava thathra bhavishyathi.

The Goddess told:-

Hey king, you will regain your kingdom in a few days. There you would destroy your enemies and you will have your kingdom permanently.

15.  Mruthascha bhooya samprapya janma devatdwivaswatha,

  Savarniko nama manur bhavan bhuvi bhavishyathi.

You after giving away this body would be born again in the world from the Sun God and would become a Manu called Savarni.

(He would become eighth son of Sun God and would rule over the entire world. )

 16.  Vaisya varya thwaya yascha varo asmatho abhivanchidha,

  Tham prayaschami samsidhai thava gnanam bhavishyathi.

Hey great Vaisya, the boon requested by you from me would be given to you and you would gain wisdom of God and attain salvation.

17. Markandeya uvacha:-

  Ithi dathwa thayor deva, yada abilakshitham varam,

  Babhoovantharhitha sadhyo bhakthya thabhyam abishtutha.

Sage Makandeya told:-

After thus giving them the boons requested by them, and after being worshipped by them with devotion, she became quickly invisible.

18.  Evam devya varam labhdhwa suradha kshtyarshabha,

  Surya janama samasadhya savarnir bhavitha manu.

See also  Brahmananda's Prtha Smarana Stotram

Savarnir bhavitha manu.

Thus the Kshatriya (belonging to the caste of kings) king Suradha, after getting the boon from the goddess, was born to the Sun God, and would become a Manu called Savarni.

A manu called Savarni

(It is normal to end an epic with a repetition again of the last few words of the epic. )

Ithi Markandeya purane savarnike manwanthare,
Devi Mahatmye,
Suradha vaiysyor vara pradhanam Nama,
Trayodasor adhyaya,

This is the thirteenth chapter in Devi Mahatmya dealing with giving boon to Suradha and Vaisya Occurring in the Savarnika period of Markandeya Purana

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