5180912682_416da4f579_b, Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple, Nadu Palani, Kanchipuram
5180912682_416da4f579_b, Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple, Nadu Palani, Kanchipuram

Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple, Nadu Palani, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale:Nadu Palani
Address:Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple,Nadu Palani,
Kanchipuram District
Phone+91 – 96003 90366 / 9655331004
Dhandayuthapani Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Murugan located at Nadu Palani in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. This is a Murugan temple on a small hillock in a beautiful environment with about 10 huge banyan trees.
The hill shrine (120 steps with one landing mandapam at middle) was built by Muthuswamy Pillai and after his Jeeva Samathi; the temple is being managed by Maragatha Thandayuthapani Dhatthathreya Trust. The deity is similar to the Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple at Palani. Dhandayuthapani deity is made of Maragatha stone of about 3 feet height. Sri Dhandayuthapani glitters during arathi. The Milk Abisakams is being performed only on Tuesdays and monthly Kiruthikai.


Legend / Local stories

Kanchi Periyavar once visited this place asked the people to name this as ‘Nadu Palani’. This is an Abhimana temple built by Sri Muthuswamy Pillai about 40 years back. Lord Murugan came in his dream and he started in a simple way with the Vel and now it has become a big temple. After Sri Muthuswamy Pillai’s period, the temple is being governed by Mysore Sri Ganapathy Sachthanandha Swamigal.

There are 120 steps to the temple on the hillock top and 4 wheelers can go straight to the top. While going through steps, first you can see Anjaneyar shrine on one side and Idumban shrine on the other. Then Siddhi Vinayagar shrine on one side and Raja Rajeswari with a Mahameru gopuram and Navagrahams on the other side. Then there is naga Prathishtai under the combo tree of Arasu and Vembu. There is an artificial fountain in the name of Saravanapoihai. The Samadhi of Sri Muthuswamy Pillai is also present.

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The temple on top is a small one with only the Murugar shrine with the praharam. First we can see Vinayagar and then the Mayil vahanam and the front mandapam. The main deity is Dhandayuthapani facing east. The old deity got damaged and so a new deity made of Maragatha stone has been installed in Feb 2008. There are two Urchavar Deities namely Kalyana Urchavar deity with Valli and Deivanai and Arumugar on peacock along with Valli and Deivanai under the Rudraksha Pandhal. Vinayagar and Naga Dattareyar, i.e., Dattareyar (Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara) on the Nagar bed with Anaga (Lakshmi) Amman can be seen in this Temple.

Temple Opening Time

The Temple will be open from 7 am – 12 noon and 5 – 8 pm.


Lot of devotees is taking Patha yatra with Kavadi from Chennai and various places on the occasion of Thai Poosam, Panguni Uthiram & Iyppasi Month. Rudraksha Kavadi is rare performance in this temple. Tens and thousands of devotees throng in the hill temple on the above days. Annadhanam is being fed on these occasions through the temple trust.  Guru Pooja of Muthuswamy Pillai is celebrated on the previous day of Thirukartikai, every year. Every Tuesday and on Krithigai at 8 AM, milk abhishegam is done to the Maragatha Dhandayuthapani. Panguni Uthiram Urchavam is the most popular one and 2-3 lakhs of people usually attend.


The important feature of this temple is, Lord will remove the obstacles in the marriage, if devotees pray with whole heartedly.

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How to Reach:

This hill temple is located near Achirappakkam on Chennai to Thindivanam route. After Mel Maruvathur just 2 Kms before Achirupakkam town you have to take a diversion to the left. There is an arch in the highway itself for Nadu Palani Murugan temple. From the arch, we have to go straight without any diversion till to the last for 6.5 kms to reach the temple at the Perukkarani (Perunkarunai) village.

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Contact Details

Dhandayuthapani Murugan Temple,
Nadu Palani,
Kanchipuram District
Mobile: +91 – 96003 90366 / 9655331004

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