Dwadasakshara manthra sthothram.
(Prayer of the twelve letterd manthra)

Sage Veda Vyasa

Translated by

(“Om Namo bhagwathe Vasudevaya”, is the famous twelve letter manthra of Vishnu. In this prayer
The first letters of the twelve stanzas if read continuously is this great manthra. This manthra in
Devanagari lipi can be found in
http://prramamurthy1931.blogspot.com/2011/04/hymns-to-vishnu-sri-dwadashakshara.html )

1.Om it hi jnana vasthrena raga ninrnejani krutha,
Karma nidhraam prapannosmi , thrahi maam madhsudana.

Through “Om”, which is the cloth of wisdom , after getting rid of all attachments,
I have reached the sleep of Karma, so please protect me, oh killer of madhu.

2. Na gather vidhyatha chanyaa thwameva saranam mama,
Maya pangena lipthosmi , thrahi maam madhudsudana.

Seeing no other way out in front of me , I am surrendering to you,
And I have smeared this body with illusion, so please protect me, oh killer of Madhu.

3.Mohitho moha jaalena putha dhara gruhaadishu,
Trushnayaa peedya manosmi , thrahi maam, madhusudana.

Being deceived by the net of attachment on son, wife , home and others,
I am sick with the thirst for them, so please protect me, oh killer of Madhu.

4.Bakthi heenam thu dheenam cha dukha soka samanvitham,
Anasrayam anadham cha thrahi maam Madhusudana.

I am without devotion , oppressed ailing with sorrows and suffering,
As well as , I am without support and an orphan, so please protect me, oh killer of Madhu,.

5.Gathagatha parisrantho doormadhwani karmanaam,
Samsara bhaya bheethosmi, thrahi maam madhusudana

Tired of coming and going in to this world and doing jobs at a distance,
I have become scared of domestic life , so please protect me , oh killer of Madhu.

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6.Vasitho mathru garbheshu , peedithoham Janardhana,
Garbhavasa kshayakara, thrahi maam Madhusudana.

After livening in the mother’s pregnancy, I have suffered a lot, oh God of all,
And I have become weak staying in the womb, so please protect me, Oh killer of Madhu.

7.Thena deva prapannosmi , sathwasraya parayana,
Jara marana bheethosmi , thrahi maam, Madhusudana.

Therfore I am tired, Oh God who is depended upon by good people,
And I am scared of old age and death, so please protect me , oh killer of Madhu.

8. Vacha thoopa krutham paapam , karmanaa yadhuparjitham,
Mayaa deva duracharam , thrahi maam Madhusudana.

To The added sins done by action to those already committed by words,
God are the bad actions committed by me , so please protect me, Oh killer of Madhu.

9.Sukrutham na krutham, kinchid dushkrutham thu sadaa krutham,
Thennaham pari thapthosmi, thrahi maam, Madhusudana.

No good actions were done and always bad actions were done by me,
And So I am suffering a lot, so please protect me, Oh killer of Madhu.

10.Dehanthara sahasreshu kuyoni sevithaa mayaa,
Thiryak thwam Manushathwam cha, thrahi maam Madhusudana.

In the thousands of births that I have taken, I have been born to many bad ones,
Right from animal to man, so please protect me, Oh killer of Madhu.

11.Vasudeva, hrishikesa , Vaikunta purushothama,
Srushti samahara karana, thrahi mam, Madhusudana.

Hey Vasudeva, Hey Rishikesa, Hey great god of Vaikunta,
Who is engaged in creation, upkeep and destruction, please protect me, Oh killer of Madhu

12.Yathra aham aagamishyami Nari Vaa purushopi vaa,
Thathra thathra cha they bhakthi , thrai mam, Madhusudana.

Wherever I have come, whether I am a female or a male,
In that place I should have devotion to you, please protect me, oh killer of Madhu.

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13.Dwadasarna sthuthi mimaam ya padeth yad srunuyadhapi,
Sa yathi paramam sthanam , yathra yogeswaro Hari.

If this prayer of the twelve sequences is read or heard,
He would reach the divine position where Hari , the God of Yoga lives.

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