An announcement surfaced on Monday, declaring that the 12th-century Jagannath temple located in Puri will, commencing January 1 2024, institute a strict dress code for its visitors, as communicated by an official source.

This decree came to fruition during the ‘Niti’ sub-committee assembly, driven by instances of individuals donning what were deemed as “indecent” attires within the sacred premises.

Ranjan Kumar Das, the esteemed head of the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, voiced the temple’s standpoint, saying, “Our foremost duty lies in the preservation of the temple’s dignity and sanctity. Regrettably, there have been instances where visitors have shown disregard for the religious sentiments of others.”

Das further elaborated, “Certain individuals were observed within the temple precincts clad in tattered denim trousers, sleeveless attire, and half-length pants. It was as if they were taking a leisurely stroll along a seashore or in a park. It is crucial to acknowledge that this temple serves as the divine abode, not a venue for amusement.”

In adherence to the forthcoming dress code, devotees are urged to be mindful of their attire while seeking spiritual solace within the hallowed confines of the Jagannath temple.

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