220px-Narayani_1, Narayani Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
220px-Narayani_1, Narayani Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Narayani Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Date built:7th century A.D
Architectural style:Kalinga architecture
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Narayani Temple is dedicated to ten armed goddess Narayani or Lakshmi and is located in Narayani village situated near Khalikote, Orissa, India. The temple is popular for Durga Puja and a fair held in the Indian month of Chaitra. The temple was renovated by the zamindars of Khalikote in the early 18th century. The style of the temple is a Khakhara Deula, like Vaital Deula. It is supposed to have existed before 12th Century AD. The temple is known for the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside’ including Chilika Lake.


The visible parts of the temple measure 6.75 metres in length and 4.35 metres in width. The bada that is visible has threefold division namely pabhaga with three mouldings (0.85 metres), Jangha (1.55 metres) and baranda (0.33 metres).The khura is inscribed in south wall decorated with four decorated vertical pilasters with chaitya medalions as similar with south wall bada of the vaital temple. The eastern wall is decorated with two vertical pilasters on either sides of raha niche. Within the pilaster there is a subsidiary niche with scroll works measures 0.35 metres height x 0.22 metres width and 0.05 metres in depth decorated with elephant and lion heads surmounted by lotus design. The niche crowned with a vajramundi at the center of which a peeping human face. Above the niche there is a stylised chaitya. The baranda portion decorated with muktalobhi hansa flanked by two stylised chaitya. The jagamohana is a rectangular hall in shape decorated with three baluster windows, one measures 1.20 metres in height and 1.00 metres in width except this the jagamohana is devoid of ornamentation. The jambs of niche is decorated with three vertical bands of scroll works like lotus leaf, beaded design and floral motif from exterior to interior flanked by two vertical pilasters. At the base and top of the pilaster decorated with ghata pallava with scroll design. The temple is totally buried from three sides only eastern side excarated which is visible originally temple has doorjambs but at present it was buried.

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Lat. 20014’35″ N., Long. 850 50’ 06″E., Elev. 75 ft Narayani temple is situated within the precinct of Bhabani Sankara temple which is located on the left side of the Tala Bazar road leading from Lingaraja temple to Bindusagar. It is 15.00 metres east of Sari deul, 20.00 metres north-east of Suka temple, 5.00 metres Northeast of Arjuneswara temple and behind the Bhabani Sankar temple. The temple was totally buried and was partly exposed by an excavation conducted by Debala Mitra

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