Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple, Varanasi
Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple, Varanasi

Ratneshwar Temple, Varanasi

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Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvaty were happily ensconsed in the Holy City of Kashi, blessing all their devotees. Goddess Parvaty’s father was Giri Raj Himavan. (Giri means Mountain, Raj means King and Himavan is Himalaya Mountains).Once Giri Raj’s wife (Goddess Parvaty’s mother) told Giri Raj that a long time has passed but there had been no news about the welfare of their daughter Parvaty. Giri Raj also felt the separation from his daughter unbearable. He felt as if he was sitting on burning fire. He decided to visit Kashi to see his daughter.

As is customary, whenever a father visits his daughter in her husband’s house, the father generally carries with him lots of gifts. Accordingly, Giri Raj carried with him abundant dresses and Ratnas (precious stones). Kashi Khand states the number of precious stones as 8000 Grams of Pearls, 1000 Grams diamonds, and a similar or larger quantity of other stones like corals, emarald, sapphire etc.

He reached Kashi and was astounded to see the beauty of the city. He naturally felt his daughter must be quite happy staying here and he was pleased with his fortune. Giri Raj asked a devotee in Kashi the directions to reach his daughter Uma’s house. The devotee praised Goddess and stated that a person who devoutly prays Uma even by uttering these words through his mouth is blessed by Lord Visweshwar.

The devotee further stated that Lord Visweshwar and Goddess Uma (Parvaty) are staying in a very huge Palace befitting the status of an emperor and that the palace has been constructed under the supervision of celestial architect Viswakarma. The devotee went on describing the beauty of the palace where the pillars have been beautified with various kinds of precious stones with beautiful paintings on the wall etc. On hearing the description of the palace, Giri Raj was astounded. The devotee also told Giri Raj that Lord Visweshwara was freely distributing his wealth to needy persons.

When Giri Raj heard about the greatness of Lord Visweshwara, his generosity and the attractive beauty of his palace, he (Giri Raj) felt ashamed and thought that the huge quantities of Ratnas (precious stones) brought by him as a gift for his daughter were no match for what was possessed by Lord Visweshar. By that time it was evening.

Before sunrise the next day, he took bath in Panch Nada Teerth (present Panchganga Ghat), worshipped Kaal Bhairav and after leaving all the precious stones nearby, left for his abode. The Ratnas which he had left as a heap, grouped together and took the form of a Ling.

Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple, Varanasi
Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple, Varanasi

Soon thereafter, Lord Visweshwar and Goddess Parvathy visited the place where the Ling had formed itself. Lord Visweshwar knew by his divine vision as to what had happened. He praised Giri Raj for his greatness and stated that the Ling thus formed out of Ratnas will be called Ratneshwar.

According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 67, a person who worships Ratneshwar Ling will be blessed with all prosperity and wealth. The benefits accruing by reciting one crore Rudra Jap will be attained by performing pooja (prayers) of Ratneshwar.


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Ratneshwar is located at K-53/40, on the road leading to Vridhha Kaleshwar/Mrityunjeshwar. People can travel upto this place by rickshaw and the nearest landmark is Bisheshwarganj/GPO.

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