Seeing the prowess of Ravana

Forty-ninth Chapter

Seeing the prowess of Ravana

(Here Hanuman’s reaction on seeing Ravana is described. He feels but for Ravana’s bad qualities he would have been a very great person.)

 The greatly valorous Hanuman became wonderstruck by his action and stared at the king of Rakshasas with reddish eyes. 1

(Hanuman felt bad that Ravana asked his ministers to question him instead of directly questioning him.)

 Then Hanuman looked and saw the Valorous king of Rakshasas who shone with the extremely lustrous golden crown which was decorated by pearl garlands, who appeared imperial by wearing several golden ornaments in which several diamonds were struck and other precious stones were used, who wore very costly silk dress, who anointed himself with several scented sandal potions, who had several pretty designs drawn all over his body with red sandal paste, who had very red broad eyes which were horrible to look at and which stood out, who had great teeth which wee sharp and shined, who was shining like the Mandhara mountain which was full of wild animals, with his ten heads and hanging lips, who had a body like the black Anjana mountain, who was like the cloud with storks  with his pearl necklace shining like full moon hanging over his chest, who was having hands which looked like the five headed serpent, on which he wore armlets, beautiful bangles and had applied sandal paste, who was sitting on majestic and pretty throne which was made of jade inlaid with several precious gems and on which was spread several broad pretty carpets, who was being assisted by several pretty lasses who were standing near him, who were well made up, and who were holding fans in their hands, who was surrounded by the four ministers Durdhara, Prahastha, Mahaparswa the rakshasa, and the very intelligent Nikumbha who all were very strong capable rakshasa counselors , who was served by other rakshasa ministers who knew the principle of holy chants, who were capable of showing him the right way  and who served him like devas served Indra and  who was full of royal looks like  the cloud which surrounded the Meru mountain 2-14

(Ravana appeared with his ten heads only during war. Possibly he appeared with ten heads in his court in order to scare Hanuman)

 Though he was very much troubled by the greatly valorous Rakshasas , he was greatly wonderstruck and kept on looking at the king of Rakshasas. 15

 Hanuman after seeing that shining king of Rakshasas and being surprised by his power, thought as follows in his mind. 16

 That intelligent Hanuman after observing the power of the very famous king of Rakshasas became thoughtful in various ways and thought, Ha, what a figure. ha, what a courage, ha, what a strength, ha what a dazzling power, it is very surprising that he is a combination of all these characteristics. If this strong god of Rakshasas has not been an unjust person, he would have been the protector of the world of devas including Indra. The entire world is afraid of him because of his cruel and fearless deeds, which are contradictory to the norms of the world. If he becomes angry, he would create a deluge and sink the world. 17-20

 Thus ends the forty-ninth  chapter of Sundara Kanda which is in the Ramayana which is the first epic written by Valmiki.

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